Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The MainStream Media is full of it today!

"Full of what?" I hear you asking.

Full of stories about Michelle Bachman's statement about her "submission" to her husband.

Liberal/progressive/leftists love this kind of thing. They must, because it's all they know how to talk about.

Well, whether you are Christian, non-Christian, agnostic or atheist, pay attention, because I am about to teach you something (if you are open minded and able to learn anything.

The "Christian" concept of "wives submitting to their husbands" is based on a Scripture found in the New Testament, Ephesians 5:22: "Wives, submit to your husbands..."

The first thing I want you to learn is that the chapter and verse divisions in the Bible never have been, are not now and never will be inspired.

The verses are numbered only to help you find a particular section of Scripture.

The second thing I want you to learn is that whenever one takes ANY Scripture out of its context, both immediate and from the context of Scripture as a whole, it will always be understood wrongly. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Thirdly, while many "Christian" pastors have used Ephesians 5:22 to teach exclusive wifely submission to their husbands, every one of them who has done so is an ignorant fool who needs to go back to school just to learn to read.

What the Bible really says in this section is: "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives, submit to your husbands as to (in the same way that you submit to) Christ....Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her to make her holy...."

The Bible is replete with references to "submission," and in every instance of instruction, it is speaking about the Christian's submission to the will of God.

The Bible, both Old Testament and New, uses marriage between a man and a woman as a picture of the relationship between Christ and His Church.

(Yes, dear reader, the Old Testament uses marriage as a picture of the relationship between Christ and His Church. I'll bet you didn't know that.)

So, here's my point: Michelle Bachman's "submission" to her husband is only half the story (something that the MainStream Media is used to giving). The other half is the Biblical requirement that her husband also submit to her! 

See, the Bible teaches that we should submit to each other, and that together we should submit to Christ. But you won't hear or see the MSM asking her husband whether or not HE submits to HER.

They're just too stupid for that.

If you're looking for a religion that teaches that women must submit to their husbands (and any other man with whom they come in contact), you'll have to look to Islam.


sue said...
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Joe said...

sue: "It doesn't say, Husbands, submit to your wives."


How did you miss it? Did I not point out that it says "Submit to one another?" (Verse 21)

Does "submit to one another" EXCLUDE one or the other in the liberal mind?

That which follows is an explanation or description of what it would look like to submit to one another.

The Biblical picture of a wife submitting to her husband is that of the church submitting to Christ, and has nothing to do with the husband being "boss," or "commander in chief" or any such notion.

To think that ignores verse 21 and pretends it does not exist.

Christ died for the church (verse 25) and the husband's submission to his wife (as noted in verse 21) involves being willing to die for her.

In Islam, it is the other way around. Husbands must be willing to kill their wives to maintain their own honor.

I can't make it any clearer than that. And if you can't understand it...well, I'm sorry.

Robert said...

Right you are Joe, they are going to do to her exactly what they did to Sarah Palin. It's a sure thing.

I just don't understand why our side never hits back

Z said...

Excellent post, Joe...thanks for this.
Remember PROMISE KEEPERS? They got slammed for suggesting that wives submit, too. And the truth was that their only point was "sometimes, one person has to be the one who decides in a decision and it's usually the head of the household, or the husband...not always, it depends on whose expertise is called into question on the particular question the family's going through" But, OH, how the media slammed PROMISE KEEPERS for their misconception of that truth., mother, CONGRESSWOMAN...sound submissive to YOU? :=)

sue said...
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Leticia said...

No matter how much to speak the truth a liberal will always find fault.

Well done!

Ducky's here said...

Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church


Not a lot of submitting for the male. If he ain't doing right she doesn't seem to have any recourse.

Ducky's here said...

Bachmann --- the family business is a Medicare con job that prays gays straight. Sound impressive to you?

Plus she worked for the IRS and rakes in the cash from agricultural subsidies. The woman would get a nosebleed in the dreaded private sector.

Joe said...

sue: The misinterpretation began when the "church" began to allow a mind set that was opposed to the principles taught in Galations, Ephesians, Philippians and the rest of the New Testament in general because mens' ego made them want to be "boss." The only way they could have the influence they wanted to have was to re-interpret the Scriptures that they did not like. So they did.

That interpretation got taught to the next up-and-coming males and so forth until it eventually made its way in to seminaries and Bible colleges.

That did not make it right then, does not make it right now and never will make it right.

In a thesis, one states the purpose of the thesis when one writes the opening.

Then one develops the thesis.

Finally, one draws a conclusion to the thesis.

In this case the thesis starts with verse 21, gets developed in the following verses and ends up concluding that ALL Christian relationships should be built on mutual respect and love. (See the rest of chapter 5 and all of chapter 6).

Those who are asked if they really believe "that stuff," (meaning the boss-hood of man and the sheepish submission of the woman), and answer, "Yes," are spiritual idiots, void of understanding what Scripture really teaches.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Not a lot of submitting for the male."

What an idiotic statement!

The entire Ephesian discourse is about MUTUAL submission and MUTUAL respect.

Are you really that incapable of reading?


sue said...
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Ducky's here said...

Joe, the verse you cite says nothing about the male submitting. The word is only used to describe female behavior.

Tapline said...

Joe, great response..I have been married for 50+ years and although I have never thought about submission we compromise...sometimes it's 50/50 and sometimes it's 90/10,,,,but it works..with God's help....stay well...