Monday, August 29, 2011



sue said...

Joe - The thing that struck me most - aside, of course, from the magnitude of destruction that hurricanes bring - was the dramatic voice of the 1930's announcer.

That was - so to speak - a blast from past..

(not that I was born yet - the wind blew me along in 1945.)

Joe said...

sue: They did report with a sense of urgency, didn't they?

Don't know whether you saw my comment relative to forgiveness, so I'll re-state it here:

I have written a post over at Joe's Jottings that may help.

Leticia said...

I loved how those announcers reported the news, they kept it exciting.

And did you see the gentlemen carrying that lady, now that is a blast from the past. You wouldn't see that today.

Nowadays, that woman would be sloshing along next to the man and he probably would have never crossed his mind to carry her through.

sue said...

Joe - I did see it, and have already commented.


Lisa said...

Now when they report about Hurricanes especially on MSNBC the next line is always how they are going to blame Global Warming.
I guess back then they didn't have that opportunist Al Gore around giving us his words of wisdom.

-Proud Survivor of Hurricane Irene

Lone Ranger said...

Back in those days, announcers had to have "radio voices." They didn't have whiny little milquetoasts like today's crop of "broadcasters." Unfortunately, the equipment back in those days did not fully do justice to their dulcet tones. By the way, I'm from the old school.

sue said...

LR - No kidding.

Like we couldn't tell.