Friday, August 26, 2011


I am not a "member" of the Tea Party.

I am, however, a supporter and I do attend their rallies.

Let me tell you about the Tea Party.

First of all, it's members and attenders are American citizens.

That means, Mr. Liberal/Progressive, they are as good as you.

Yep...that's what it means.

And it might even mean they are better.

There are some things you don't see at a Tea Party rally that you DO see at most liberal "protests."

Paid attendees. Liberal protests are full of people who have been bussed in...many for pay...because otherwise the event would be a non-attended event.

Violence. There is no violence at Tea Party rallies. Not even violent rhetoric.

Filth. Tea Partiers leave the grounds at least as clean as they were when they got there. Our maintenance crews remark that they have almost nothing to clean up except to empty the well-used trash cans.

Dirty language. You rarely hear worse than a "damn" or a "hell" at a Tea Party rally, while at liberal events the vulgar, vile, profane, sacrilegious language flows like water over Niagara the name of "free speech," of course...with which it has nothing to do.  Liberal/Progressives are not intelligent enough to express themselves without dirty language...they run out of meaningful vocabulary.

Fights. There are never any fights at Tea Party events. But liberals look for opportunities to fight...I assume to show how much of a "man" they are. They especially like to fight anybody who opposes their protest.

You never see a Tea Partyer demonstrating his IQ with his middle finger. That seems to be the official salute of a liberal gathering...especially if you disagree with them.  Their "free speech" does not extend to others, only themselves.

Try Googling some videos of liberal protests and gatherings and you will see what I mean.

Oh, I forgot. Liberal/Progressives are much too lazy to do such a thing. They would rather just call you a vile name and be done with it.


sue said...
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Joe said...

sue: My topic was Tea Party vs Liberal rallies.

Look 'em up.

Xavier Onassis said...

You seem to know an awul lot about Liberal rallies Joe.

How many have you attended, personally?

Or are you relying on YouTube videos staged by right wing hacks to try and portray Liberals in the terms you describe?

Joe said...

XO: Two...from across the street.

At the first, when some of the members found out I was there watching, they sent a couple of very large men over to ask me what I thought I was doing.

I replied that I was exercising my right to be on a public side walk, watching what was going on.

They asked whether I was with media, to which I replied "Only in the sense that I blog a lot."

They told me I could not be there.

I said that I could, and to restrict me would be unconsitutional.

They told me that if I knew what was good for me I'd get my $%#^%& out of there.

I perceived that as a not so veiled threat.

I moved on down the sidewalk a ways and then returned to where I had been standing.

Several of the gatherers began to shout obscenities at me and told me to keep on going.

I stayed.

A few of them crossed the road to the sidewalk on which I was standing and simi-surrounded me.

I walked away again, with them calling me vulgar names (a specialty of the left).

As the rally broke up, I returned to my spot and observed that the grounds (Centenial Park in Ft. Myers, Fl.) were almost totally trashed.

Seven or eight Lee County clean-up men were stabbing trash, scooping up left-over hotdogs and even some excrement left on the grounds.

At the second, a union meeting of some kind, similar, though not as confrontational, events happened.

Meanwhile, at the Tea Party rallys I attended, the mood was earnest but very peaceful and the grounds (also Centenial Park) were virtually spotless.)

I actually witnessed gatherers pick up their own trash and any inadvertent left-overs that were here and there.

Those experiences, along with some videos I HAVE watched, though not on YouTube, especially those that took place in DC, have convinced me of the truth of what I blogged.

Present me evidence to the contrary, and I will print a full retraction.

My can't do it.

The liberal mind set begins with "What's in it for me?" proceeds through "Who will give it to me?" and all the way to "Don't expect persoal responsibility from me...I'm a citizen and the governemnt should do it for me."

Leticia said...

I have also noticed the difference between Tea Party rallies and the liberals.

You described each, with perfect clarity.

Glad you weren't injured.

Joe said...

Leticia: Interestingly, the only time I ever was afraid was back in 1964 when I marched with Dr. King in St. Augustine.

As I left the Rexal lunch counter,where I sat with some blacks, I was accosted by two really big white guys who declared,"Let's take this one out back and paint him with black shoe polish."

Fortunately, a sheriff's deputy stopped at the stop sigh, and I stepped over to start a converstion with him and the two guys left.

A Retired Marine said...

Thank you for putting into words just what I was thinking!

Joe said...

ARM: Thank you for the visit and the kind remark. You're certainly welcome.

Leticia said...

Joe, I am a bit suspicious about ARM, he said the same thing at my blog. Kind of odd? Maybe he meant it? Who knows?

Ducky's here said...

And it might even mean they are better.


Here it comes. Deep sneakers.

Ducky's here said...

Paid attendees. Liberal protests are full of people who have been bussed in...many for pay...because otherwise the event would be a non-attended event.


Bless it's little astroturfed heart.
Never heard of the Koch Bros. or the Freedom Express.

Are you just willfully ignorant, Joe?

Ducky's here said...

You know Joe, I remember when the Iraq fiasco was warming up and there were MILLIONS all over the world protesting without any violence. Not unusual.

You really do pull stuff out of your butt.

Hundreds of thousands in New York, more than the sum total of all the Bagger rallies and there was no filth, no destruction, no violence.

Pitch till you win.

Ducky's here said...

... of course, you go to a political gathering in Norway and we see the right wing.

Joe said...

Ducky: Chartering a bus to attend an event is different from sending busses to pick people up to attend your rally so there'd be someone there.

'Course, I wouldn't expect you to realize the difference.

Ducky, like my post or not, at least exercise some respect. You are otherwise proving my point.

I think respect is beyond your ability, judging from the way you comment on other blogs.

You are basically a hider and coward.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Joe, I would quite concur with all your points. But the DEM/MSM CONTINUE to be "in the tank" for Leftists and the Obaka Administration. The ability to be fair or impartial is quite far gone these days.

You do NOT see the actual antics of Leftist Rallies placed on TV or cable channels. PURPOSELY.

And God forbid that an actual black or Mexican or Asian attend a TEA Party rally. They are immediately classified as Uncle Toms or Uncle Joses or Uncle Nguyens.

It's that simple.

One final thing: hey there, Ducky. Just WHY is it that YOU don't have a blog on the internet where WE can visit and comment and have said comments immured as, for example, they are here?

Oh yes, that's correct: because you simply believe in Hit & Run. Makes it SO much easier to be anonymous and untraceable and unaccountable. Yes, indeed, the words hider and coward come to mind.

If your words and wisdom, sir, are so wonderful, then please open your own blog or site. If there is a need or a will, it will be visited and your hits will skyrocket and you will kick the butt of me and Joe and all others.

Ball's in your court. Get going! It's FREE!


Ducky's here said...

One final thing: hey there, Ducky. Just WHY is it that YOU don't have a blog on the internet where WE can visit and comment and have said comments immured as, for example, they are here?


I've thought about joining the political noise. It would get pretty ugly when I'm able to cut loose in my own place. Not constructive.

I do have a blog for serious film students.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...



I suspect fear is holding you back. Create it and then give us ALL the URL, sir.

That said, what is your FILM blog?

You won't post it.


Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

That's liberals for you. They "peacefully" protested the war in Iraq.

What were they protesting?

Were they protesting the sight of hundreds of children being released from prisons?

Were they protesting the shutting of torture chambers and rape rooms?

Were they protesting the new-found freedom of women to vote and read and teach and walk the streets without fear of being kidnapped?

Don't tell me they were protesting the loss of innocent lives, because liberals in this country slaughter more than a million unborn innocents every year.

New talking point: You cannot change the hearts and minds of liberals, because they possess neither.

Ducky's here said...

That said, what is your FILM blog?

I wrote that it is a blog for SERIOUS students.

Lone Ranger said...

Talking Point #20.

This is getting really old.

Joe said...

Ducky: Gee, Ducky. I never knew you were so exclusively serious!

How do you go about weeding out your blog visitors who are not REALLY serious?

Oh, I get it! You don't really have a blog for serious film students.

LR: How very true.

Lisa said...

I have been to several Tea Party Rallies and the only nasty people were the paid Acorn counter protesters on the other side and the ones who would stop to ask what we were rallying about in a very challenging manner plus also trying to provoke some members.
After about 2 years unto the admin 90% of the passer by's were more supportive with thumbs up and even at traffic lights high fives.
Big difference in the response compared to 2 years prior.