Sunday, May 15, 2011

SUNDAY RESPITE-Acapella Medley-The Martins


Leticia said...

So sorry, but I managed to listen to it for about 2 seconds. I know it is gospel, country music? I just can't handle it.

God bless them, though.

Joe said...

Leticia: Sorry you didn't like that. It certainly was not in a country style. It was a very harmonious rendition of an extremely traditional hymn of the faith.

That is something that is sadly missing from ALL music today. Well done harmony is almost unknown.

Contemporary groups rarely even sing on pitch (because they don't even know what it means...preferring to let the sound crew make the adjustments electronically), let alone be able to stay in key with no instrumental assistance.

The Martins do, indeed, sing some southern gospel style music, but most of their music is made up of good, harmonious contemporary sounds...sounds almost extinct in the world of what is erroniously called "praise and worship" music, little of which praises anything, let alone God, and worships only the sound of rifle-like drums.

Don't misunderstand. All music is fine, whether baroque, romantic, classical, contemporary or otherwise if it focuses on God for who He is.

The trouble is, most contemporary music focuses on God for what He can do for us.

It should be the other way around.

Two seconds is hardly fair...don't you think?

In my opinion, being blindered into one form of music, no matter which style, is an abomination.

What a surprise we're going to get when we get to heaven.

There won't be one single contemporary song, one single southern gospel song, one single fugue or one single anything else.

What wondrous sounds we'll sing cannot even be imagined by the human experience.

If I were asked for advice (and I realize I haven't been), I would advise broadening one's narrow sighted musical horizons.

It is freeing.

I've been a church musician for over 50 years, and have introduced music to the churches I've served that on one occasion got me fired because it was too "rocky."

Nevertheless, I have continued to offer an ecclectic blend of the newest and the oldest for the broadning of my congregations' appreciation and worship.

(Humorously, I once got taken before the deacons for introducing what is now known as "rap" to my youth choir in the 70s!)

As you said, God bless them!

Steve said...

Country music?? Their harmony is incredible, especially sung acapella! That is the result of the family relationship and the blessing of the Lord! Obviously their southern gospel style is foreign to younger folks today. How unfortunate.