Monday, May 2, 2011


The only serious arguements my parents and I ever had revolved around the issue of "mingling" with people of "that other race."

By that, of course, my parents meant blacks.

I argued that people were people and each individual was as important as another, regardless of his or her skin color.

When I was in college, I worked in St. Agustine and went to school in DeLand.

One day I got wind of a special visitor coming to St. Augustine to hold a march for the rights of black people in America. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

That sounded like something I wanted to be a part of, so I got the details and  joined in on the march.

I can't tell you the number of names I was called for having done that.

Dr. King and I disagreed on some issues...probably more than I realized at the time, but we agreed on one thing: a man should be judged on the content of his character, not on the color of his skin.

Fast forward to today.

I loath the policies of President Barak Obama.

President BO is putting America on the fast track to her demise.

I did not vote for BO.

I do not like BO.

As you might have noticed, President BO is black.

I have judged the content of his character and found him lacking in far too many areas.

If...and I do mean if...Barak Obama represents what it means to be a black American, then black America is more like what my parents tried to convince me it is.

But you know what?

I don't think he does.

I have many black friends, including one who considers me his "twin brother."

They are not like President BO, nor are they like the stereotypical black person.

Like my friends of other colors, these are people of great character, faith and strength.

They do not whine about past evils, they focus on being what God has allowed them to become.

They are hard working, well spoken, high acheiving citizens who love their families, their friends, their country and their God.

During my recent illness, they have stood by me, supported me and gifted me with food, cash and prayers to help me get through these times.

I love them and appreciate them.

I do not even think of them as my black friends. I just consider them my friends.

But I still don't like Barak Obama or his policies.

If that makes me a racist, then I have to plead guilty.

But let me encourage you NOT to come around my house and accuse me of being racist.

The charge of racism is not going to fly very high at my house, even if I don't like our black president.


Anonymous said...

Obama was killed a week ago. Where is the identification? Buried at sea? How convenient. Too many questions. I'm sorry, but I'm glad as hell to hear this,I hope this is true. I just don't trust anything that this president says. And if it is true, it has absolutely nothing to do with Obama, but you can be sure he'll try to take credit

Xavier Onassis said...

"...well spoken..." is code for "they talk like regular white people".

Nice try.

Xavier Onassis said...

Anonymous - "And if it is true, it has absolutely nothing to do with Obama...". RIIGGHHTT! He is just the Commander in Chief who found bin Laden, ran him to ground, and personally gave the order to the Special Forces to take him out. No way he should get credit for that!

Joe said...

Anonymous: I think you meant Osama.

XO: Now you have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

"Well spoken" is not code for anything. It means they know how to communicate.

Some of my friends are Hatian and speak with a strong Hatian Accent. Some are of African descent, some are from Jamaica and some from New York.

They are all "well spoken."

It is racist to think the "well spoken" means they talk like regular white people.

Few of my "friends of color" do, but they are nonetheless well spoken.

It is you who are now the proven racist.

You are an anamatha to the cause of equality for all people.

You are a blind, narrow minded, racist fool.

Lone Ranger said...

I, I, I. I received intelligence last August. I ordered the CIA to make Osama their top priority. I authorized the mission.

He stopped just short of saying he made the kill shot.

Once again, it's all about Obama. And his cult worshipers are only too glad to bend knee before him.

Anonymous said...

XO says that Obama personally gave the order to the Special Forces to take him out. No way he should get credit for that!

Well big deal, Let us remember that it was #1 the Navy Seals that put this over, Obama simply gave the go ahead. So lets not get over joyed about Obama's part. It was the Navy Seal's who carried out that order, while
Obama was busy writing joke to tell and belittle Donald Trump Trump.
#2 It was some of the detainees at Gitmo that gave us this information, the same detainees at Gitmo that Obama wanted to release.
Look, Osama is dead, thanks to the Navy Seals, if yoy want to give BO credit for it, go ahead and have a good time. I'm not going to resort to name calling, as some of these liberals have done to George Bush.

Joe said...

LR: If he is nothing else, he is certainly the Narcicist-in-Chief.

Anon: If it had happened on Bush's watch, he would have gotten credit for it, even though someone else did the dirty work.

Obama WILL get credit for this kill, no matter what.

MSM has already forgotten about the royal marraige, already forgotten about the tornados and is singing the one-note-samba praise of Obama's proweress.


tha malcontent said...

The credit goes to the Navy Seals Special Operations force and members of the intelligence community who found Bin Laden, found him and killed him. Do I give any credit to Obama, sure I do, he is the Commander in Chief and ultimately makes the decisions and gives the order. So in that regard, I dod give him "some" credit. But lets not over rate his part of it.
And one more thing. If the liberals who complained that water-board someone will never help, if these people got their way we would have never received this information from the Gitmo detainees. Without Gitmo,and without ""water-boarding" this would have not come to pass.

Joe said...

the malcontent: You are absolutely right. Funny how the liberal/progressive's heart bleeds for anyone except those who disagree with them.

Anonymous said...

Obama stated he gave the kill order TODAY. Every news outlet is reporting that he gave the order last week. Which one was it? There are far too many conflicting stories involved here, but one has to wonder was this a set-up? It sure has a set-up written all over it.

The following comes to mind

Could it be that they made up the birth certificate copy because they needed a diversion?
Not bad work for a Kenyan
Ain't America grand?

Lisa said...

'Could it be that they made up the birth certificate copy because they needed a diversion? '

one never knows Anon,the Government has made false identities for many people before.

Joe-It's not that anyone who doesn't like Obama are racists,it's that anyone that accusses us of it are "Racers"

Leticia said...

Bin Laden is dead, Hooyah!

It should never be about a person's skin color. I judge by the individuals behavior and where they stand on values and God.

tha malcontent said...

One thing thing that REALLY puzzles me is, How did all those people get together with American Flags so late at night? And how and where did all those people got those flags so quickly at 11:00 or 12:00 at night when the stores are all closed? And what store carries SO MANY American Flags? I don't think that people keep American Flags in the trunks of their car just waiting for Osama bin Laden to get killed . Needless to say, seeing that really shocked me. So what am I getting at? I’ll tell you what, The first thing that I noticed was that all of those people were just about the same age and to me it look like the crowds were planned in advance, because there is no way that so many people can get flags out that quickly and all gather at the same places at 12:00 at night. Say what you want, and I know that some of our lefty liberal butt buddies will call me names for saying this but I say those crowds were set up.

NYBob said...

Thank George Bush and Waterboarding for the bin Laden Kill
Interesting that the Dems have now adopted Bush's War on Terror as their own.

Joe said...

Anon: You make a good point. I don't care what the event is, I don't trust President BO any further than I could throw him.

Leticia: "Joe-It's not that anyone who doesn't like Obama are racists,it's that anyone that accusses us of it are "Racers"" I love it!

the malcontent: Interesting observations. But would President BO do a set-up?

Yeah...he would.

NYBob: Anything to make themselves look good.