Monday, April 27, 2015

Why Did They Come?

According to some estimates we have about 20,000,000 people in our country illegally. That includes children. Think about what that means!

What that means is that there are up to 20,000,000 people who entered the USA without filling out the paperwork that other immigrants have to fill out. That's unfair to those who fill out the paperwork. If it is OK for that 20,000,000 to come, why isn't it OK for Europeans, Middle Easterners, Africans, Asian or Australians to come as well?

Why did 20,000,000 come to the USA? Is it because their countries are poor and regressive? Is it because their countries are political hot spots? Is it because they lack the guts to fight for freedom and economic advancement in their own country?

20,000,000 people could surely have a strong influence in the way their countries are run, even if you spread 20,000,000 among all of Central America, South America and Mexico. Why don't they work. fight and die for their countries like we did for ours? 

My sense is that they find it much easier and more convenient to just "sneak" across the southern border of the USA and receive the benefits provided by the other 300,000,000 Americans who were already here. 

It is true that some of them are willing to work hard for their families. But they could work hard in their own countries. If there are no jobs back there, why don't they work for economic freedom in their own countries? Why do they continue to allow their countries to adopt economic policies that do lend themselves to economic growth, freedom and the ability to make a profit in a business?

If they come here because education opportunities are here, why don't they fight for education opportunities in their own countries? We did it here. Are they somehow inferior as human beings to us?

I suppose the real question is not "Why did they come?" but, "Why do we let them come?" Are we so bent on being enablers that we refuse to do anything about our immigration problem? Could it be that the issue is about political power, as the Party that gives them their benefits is certain they will get their votes, thus staying in power?

You betcha!


Fredd said...

People are no different in many respects to wildlife: bears, for example.

When bears find a food source in the form of tourists feeding them Twinkies, Hostess cherry pies, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Oreos, do you think they will reject those easy calories and instead forage for nuts, mushrooms, grubs and berries?

Not on your life. And humans are absolutely no different. When jobs are there for the asking if you just show up on a street corner and a van picks you up each morning, your average human is going to show up. And after only wading across a river separating their poor, crappy country from the affluent, job rich country, there is virtually no incentive to stay where they are.

Why do they come here? Ask your average bear how life works. Every organism on the planet will choose the easiest path. Like water seeking the lowest level, it's a no-brainer. You don't even need to be smarter than the average bear, as the folks at Hanna Barbera would say.

And the question as to why we here in the US allow this, that's another issue entirely.

Joe said...

Fredd: I agree with your bear analogy up to a point. The path of least resistance is certainly attractive.

Yet we as a country were formed because of a belief that mankind's deepest yearning is to breathe in freedom.

Since the USA provides an easy pathway to the freedom of a democratic constitutional republic, and since there are few real restrictions to easy entry, we allow an unsustainable number of illegals in.

That many people who do not understand the real price of freedom will be a large part of our undoing.

Fredd said...

Joe: my most excellent bear analogy addressed only why they come. Your agreement with this outstanding and apt analogy is absolute and complete. Not, as you say, up to a point.

Now, as to WHY WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE, I again state that this question is another issue entirely.

Joe said...

Fredd: OK. You forced my hand. It was most excellent!

So...why DO we allow this to continue?

sue hanes said...

Joe - That is way too many immigrants coming to our country.
They should stay and try to improve their country. We should try to find ways to keep them out.

Fredd said...

Joe: good question.

The root cause is politicians who pander to our stupid neighbors. THe stupid neighbors don't understand much, other than the politician says he will give them stuff and punish anyone who has more than them, as long as the dummies vote the correct way (for anyone with a D behind their name).

And the politicians want to keep our borders open, open to new Democrat voters who cross over with no skills, and often only the shirts on their backs.

You and I don't want this to continue, but our stupid neighbors (also known as Democrats) mobilize voters better than we do.

The short and long of it, Joe.

Joe said...

Fredd: If I understand you correctly, it is ultimately all about power and control.