Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chaos in the World

It was an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews broadcast on the network Tuesday evening. President BO (the amateur president) said "there's a lot of tumult and chaos around the world right now."

To which Chris Matthews responded, "Another area I know you care about, I certainly do, is Africa and on your feelings about watching those refugees, 950 people drowning, just trying to find a life. And then also Kenya, a country we all care about, very moderate country, pro-Western, getting terrorized as college kids, who are the hope of their families, getting killed because they're Christians."

"Look, it's a heartbreaking situation," President Obama said. "There's a lot of tumult and chaos around the world right now. And part of our goal, as the world's leading superpower, is to work with partner countries, to try to resolve conflicts, to be ruthless in going after terrorism, but we're not going to do that by ourselves and we're not going to do it just by deploying more Marines in every country that has these problems."

"We're seeing some success; in other areas, we're still having problems," Obama said. "Somalia is actually improving from where it was 20 years ago. But it's still not where it needs to be and it still has these hotbeds of terrorist activity that spill over into Kenya."

What I like best is "ruthless...but..." There are some areas in which we will be "ruth," not "ruthless." 

As liberals always do, let's just change the meaning of  "ruthless."

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines RUTHLESS thushaving no pity: Merciless, cruel.
That definition is pretty strong. Either President BO (the amateur president) does not know the meaning of the word or he changed its definition to fit what he intends to do: NOT MUCH.


Ducky's here said...

The history in the horn of Africa is worth a passing analysis but it deserves a little more than a jerk like Matthews provides.

Somalia was at one time a very successful emerging nation with high entrepreneurship and a stable elected government.

Then they became part of the Great Game and in the cold war turmoil it all gave way to Russian and American backed war lords.
Turmoil ensued.

Then, after a few American military adventures, the Islamic Courts took power and actually brought stability.
But, they were Islamic and even though it was none of our business we decided to intervene and have Kenya assist as our proxy. That had the meritorious effect of allowing a militant group to become ascendant and engage in a war with Kenya.

But of course we don't learn any lessons. And highly intelligent right wingers will claim they understand the dynamics of the region.

Don't these fools let it drag on.
Get a clue, Joe.

Joe said...

Ducky: So you support PBO(tap)'s redefinition of "ruthless?"