Thursday, April 30, 2015

Does Josh Earnest really think we're too stupid to understand what he tried to do with this question?

Is there any better example of evasiveness, misdirection, and just plain failing to respond to the question asked? Josh Earnest just answered a question that was not asked, but failed to address the question that WAS asked. And he did it with an expression on his face that any mother would recognize..."Mom, I just told you a lie."

Liberals, are you too dim to recognize Earnest's dishonest answers. He pulls this stuff in every press conference. Can't you see it? Really?


Fredd said...

No, Joe. Liberals are not too dim to understand that people who support their philosophy must lie (folk such as Josh Earnest and his boss, Barry).

Liberals are OK with lies. These lies will pacify the press to an extent, and their agenda will subsequently march on (perfection, utopia, whatever you want to call the ultimate liberal goal), and the end will certainly justify the means. After all, who could oppose perfection? Who would despise a utopia? Only crummy people, right Joe?

Nope, Joe. They ain't stupid. They are practical. Rotten, but practical.

Joe said...

Fredd: "Liberals are OK with lies." You know? I think you're right. Isn't that sad?