Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Democrats Believe We Need a President Who

Lies as much as can be gotten away with

Refuses to shake hands with potential voters during a "listening tour" stop at a Chipotle's restaurant in Ohio

Is a hub of the Democrat-K Street (revolving-door lobbyists) axis.

Has total resistance to transparency

Falsifies bullet-dodging adventures in Kosovo

Uses personal Email for government work

Lies about how many electronic devices are used

Determines which Emails should be subject to investigation

Ignores Congressional subpoenas and letters regarding personal electronic servers

Served dishonorably as Secretary of State for the U.S.

Lies about what is known about American embassies

Knowingly and deliberately blames a meaningless video for the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Was one of the three Obama aides most responsible for the illegal "preemptive" war in Libya.

Pretends to identify with certain cultures to fit a given circumstance (Like speaking "southern" in the south and "ghetto" in black communities)

Fails miserably at the job of enhancing diplomatic relations with Russia (think: Russian ‘re-set’)

Was almost universally hated by subordinates

Behaves viciously toward family members

Labels opponents with disparaging names

Defends family members sordid indiscretions

Is unable to get landmark legislation passed

Kept FBI files on adversaries

Engages in “insider trading” in cattle futures

Was named in connection with the failing of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan in connection with the Whitewater incident.

Was a partner in the Rose Law Firm and did a great deal of work for the firm while representing Jim McDougal in cases involving his Madison Guaranty and Castle enterprises.

Was a central figure in the ethics controversy centered on the 1993 White House travel office dismissals that resulted from a climate of fear.

Was implicated as having been directly or indirectly involved in the so-called suicide of deputy White House counsel, Vincent W. Foster.

Yes, indeed!

We need a person who does all of those things and more!

We need none other than:

Hillary Rodham Clinton!

The face of honesty and integrity

(For those of you educated in government schools, this post is the essence of sarcasm. For more of this see Fredd)


Fredd said...

Lotta baggage on this one, Joe. Sounds like presidential material to me. (not)

If this God awful criminal is elected in the aftermath of the MOST GOD AWFUL president in our history, Barry, then our country is indeed lost.

Truly and utterly lost.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Welcome back!

That's a tall order for any party.

Joe said...

Fredd: To a liberal none of that matters. If she is even nominated, let alone elected, it will be direct evidence that there is an agenda totally unrelated to being United, being States or being the United States of America.

Lisa said...

Welcome back Joe,hope you are doing well