Friday, April 24, 2015

When is Enough Enough?

According to the New York Times, while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave the Russians special consideration in at least one uranium deal in exchange for enormous amounts of cash.

"After their purchase of a major Canadian mining company with world-wide holdings and dealings, the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

It turns out that Hillary Clinton’s uranium scandal is much bigger than Whitewater or Hillary’s emailgate or any of her other crimes and unethical behaviors. It is, in fact, so egregious that, if proven in a court of law, would be worthy of extended jail time, that is: her dealings were 100% illegal. 

They also have dealt a stunning blow to national security. Major donors to the Clintons sold half of America’s uranium to Russia. Uranium used for nuclear weapons.

And liberals want her to be the next president.

That figures.


Fredd said...

And you thought she would go down in flames over that email/server kerfuffle. Ha.

Even though that is related to this Clinton Foundation goo, I don't think that this will stick to her, either.

John Gotti, the "Teflon Don" has nothing on Hillary. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING sticks to her.

Fredd said...

PS: others have been lined up against the wall and shot in this country's history for less.

This uranium thing is the worst thing this nasty bitch has done to us. By far.

Joe said...

Fredd: I agree with you that this will not stick. Nothing ever does. When one family is involved in so many nefarious deeds for so long, one might be tempted to think that there are strings being pulled.

Just think about the neighborhood community organizer, coming out of nowhere to spend a few days as a Senator and then being crowned president.

How do these things even happen?