Monday, February 4, 2013


Have an extra $20,000.00 per year?

According to the IRS, that’s what it’s going to cost a family of 4 (a man, a wife and 2 kids) in 2016 to participate in ObamaCare. That $20,000.00 is the cheapest plan that will be offered, called the Bronze Plan.

Back when I was self-employed, I paid $4,000.00 per year for a top-notch plan that covered my family of four pretty well. It was a so-called catastrophic plan and covered almost all hospital expenses (except for the wife’s extra meals, cold drinks, etc.).

Under ObamaCare, the only plans available will be comprehensive plans and the cost for a family of four is obscene.

Of course your family can opt out of the plan. ..if you don’t mind paying a penalty.

The same IRS report reveals that a family of four earning $120,000.00 per year would pay a penalty (which it still calls a penalty, even after the Supreme Court ruled it a tax, for Constitutional purposes). That penalty would amount to $2,400.00 in 2016. The family would still have to pay the premiums of whatever health care plan they went with in addition to the penalty (because “if they like the plan they have, they can keep it”).

And they won’t be able to purchase “hospital-only” insurance. That's been stripped from ObamaCare.

President BO (the amateur president) claimed that improved care coordination, investments in information technology and more efficient marketing through exchanges would save the typical family $2,000.00 per year.

PBO (tap) probably knows more about the plan than the agency he assigned to administer it, but IRS says it won't save $2,000.00, but will cost $20,000.00. That's a $22,000.00 differential!

Either PBO (tap) is not so good at math, he didn't know any better, or he knew it and forced it on us to show us who is boss. I guess we know, now.

Free health care that costs $20,000.00, free cell phones, free gas...there's just no end to the free things the federal government is willing to give voters by confiscating money from others.

There is a Healthy Choice we Americans can make, and it is not called ObamaCare.


Xavier Onassis said...

I continue to have the same health insurance through my employer that I had before.

As far as I can tell, my cost has not gone up. I have the same benefits for the same price (or close enough that I don't notice) for the last 8 years.

In fact, I may be even better off, I think my daughter's birth control is free now. That saves me about $140.00 a year and I can carry her on my insurance until she's 26. That's almost $1000.00 in savings.

I like Obamacare! I'm still waiting for someone like you to prove that it's a bad thing.

I'm better off. My daughter is better off. YOU are better off.

Who is worse off? Nobody.

Joe said...

XO: Is it 2016 where you live?

Are you the IRS?

trailbee Lombardi said...

Let me ask you the following questions. Would you want to trust anyone like Obama to manage your healthcare, or with anything, including your life savings when these people can’t even manage their own budget? Would you trust your investments to a stock broker who has a record of consistent failure in the stock market and squandering the investors’ money on his personal interests and himself? He isn't qualified to lead our country in ANY way shape or form. Then why would did anyone with an ounce of brains vote for Barack Obama? Say it's racist if you want, but I never had trusted anything Obama said,and I won't trust anything he says or will say

Xavier Onassis said...

TL - Every single economic indicator says we are better off now than we were 4 years ago. President Obama is getting us OUT of wars instead of IN to wars. The President not only won reelection but he has a 60% approval rating. So I'd say your assessment of his qualifications for leading our country is unsubstantiated by any actual facts.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I have the same health insurance plan I've had for 15 years, but the last two years premiums have gone up considerably, and the insurance company cites the new requirments of obamacare as the reason.

Allowing "children" to stay on parents' plan until 26 deprives the company of policies. It used to be SOME would allow kids up to 22 to remain on the plan because that would cover them for four years of college. At 26 this is unconscionable. GET OUT AND GET A JOB and GET YOUR OWN POLICY!

Your daughter should be paying for her own birth control or keep her legs crossed. It isn't "free," by the way - all of us pay for it. You are part of the problem.

To claim we are better off now that four years agos is insane. And Obama hasn't left Afghanistan as promised, and he keeps sending people to other nations as well!

Liberals a soooooo deluded.

Joe said...

GEC: Liberals suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder. They honestly believe that if they say something it is true, regardless of the facts. They live on feelings and cannot be persuaded otherwise.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - "I have the same health insurance plan I've had for 15 years, but the last two years premiums have gone up considerably, and the insurance company cites the new requirments of obamacare as the reason."

Really? I would LOVE to see a photocopy of that letter from a health insurance company stating "we are raising your rates because of Obamacare". Because A) Even if they made that case, which I seriously doubt, I think they would have referred to it by it's proper name which is "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" and B) If they did say "obamacare", you have the cheapest, worst health insurance available!

"Allowing "children" to stay on parents' plan until 26 deprives the company of policies."

And my priority, as a parent, should be to fatten the pockets of insurance companies by forcing my daughter off of my plan and on to one of her own at her own expense? Do you even have any children?

"Your daughter should be paying for her own birth control or keep her legs crossed."

If we were face to face Sir, that comment would earn you a bloody nose. At a minimum.

"To claim we are better off now that four years agos is insane."

I don't claim it. It's a fact. Under George W. Bush's failed policies we were losing 800,000 jobs a month! We were Thelma and Louise going full throttle off the edge of a cliff!

President Obama took office, changed those failed policies and now our economy is growing and adding jobs again.

Our combat forces are out of Iraq and will soon be out of Afghanistan.

We have NOT sent combat troops into other nations. That's a lie.

If anyone in this conversation is deluded, it's certainly not me.

Ducky's here said...

Gee Glenn, 15 years and your premium rises and you start whining?

Did you expect your health insurance costs would drop?

I think you live in Wonderland with Joe.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Of course they didn’t call it Obamacare - they called the act by its official name, and they did indeed cite the changes as due to that act. I do not have a copy of the letter, statement in the policy, etc - I throw that stuff away. My policy is available on the ‘net now because it costs them too much money to send me a hard copy in the mail. Of course if I want a hard copy it will cost me lots of ink and paper! I really don’t care if you believe me; I’m telling the truth and if you chose to disbelieve that is your problem.

You choose to treat your children as children until they are 26? They are adults legally at 18, so the insurance companies should NOT be required to allow them to remain on their parents’ policies. After all, they have their own car insurance - well, if they want to act like adults they do. You are part of the problem with society - keeping children as children until almost 30.

Why would saying for your daughter to keep her legs crossed for birth control earn me a bloody nose? Isn’t she able to control her sexual urges? Birth control is a personal responsibility - it is not the responsibility of everyone else. Pay for it yourself. It isn’t that expensive, and if a person can’t afford it then don’t have sex. That is quite simple. Or is that truth too difficult for you to understand?

There goes the old “Bush’s Fault” again - it was the Democrats who ruled congress - blame them!

Our economy is growing?!?!? We are trillions of dollars more in debt now than with O took office, and it is due to HIS policies - not Bush’s. Never in history have we seen this sort of debt. You are worshiping your messiah.

No combat troops in any other country in the world? Surely you jest. You are so deluded.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

doresame 730Ducky,
It's not the fact that the premium rose - it rose almost every year to keep up with inflation. But the past two years have been exponential leaps, and the company stated the reason.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - It doesn't matter that you have absolutely no proof. It should be easy enough to verify. What's the name of the company? I'll check into it.

So when your child turns 18 you show them the door? Again I ask, do you even have any children?

You'd get a bloody nose for even having an opinion on what my daughter should or shouldn't do with her legs because that's creepy.

Yes, it was absolutely Bush's fault the economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month when Obama took office and we can thank Obama that the economy is now adding jobs.

And while we're on the subject of Bush and debt,did you forget that Bush inherited a SURPLUS from Clinton? And what did he do? Got us into 2 wars, squandered the surplus spending a billion dollars a day to kill people.

In what countries have we inserted combat troops? Name them.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

United Health Care, as if that is your business

By the time my children were 18 they had already learned to be adults - like our society used to do. Young adults were marrying, running kingdoms, working farms, etc in their mid-teens in the old days. Humans are designed and ready for procreating when they reach puberty. Young women very often married at 14, while young men usually were closer to 16. When our cultures began to be entertainment and leisure oriented, children were no longer raised to be adults, which is why they still behave as children well into their 20s.

My children were told they could live at home for as long as they liked, as long as they held jobs and paid their own expenses (the only expense they wouldn’t have would be rent). My health insurance at the time permitted them to stay on my policy until they were 22, but that was the company’s choice to do so, and not the government’s mandate while violating the Constitution. As soon as both of them got jobs they had their own health insurance policies.

My daughter worked until she could go to college (didn’t go until she was 24) and is now a school teacher. My son, being 3 years younger, was not interested in college and instead apprenticed as a wood-worker and is highly skilled in that occupation. He married a month before he was 20 and now has been married for 11 years working a small farm in addition to his woodworking, and has four children of his own.

Both my children were home-schooled after we were fed up with the liberal government school system; we schooled them all the way through junior and senior high school.

So I’d say, yes, I know quite a bit about parenting and education, and teaching personal responsibility, etc.

If you want ME to pay for your daughter’s birth control, then, yes, I should very much have an opinion on the matter. IF she wants to have sex, then I should not be responsible for her birth control. If she doesn’t want to pay for birth control, then it is HER responsibility to not have sex, i.e. keep her legs closed. I know that is a difficult concept for liberals, who think sex is just entertainment and so pass out condoms to kids in the public school system and have “Female Orgasm” courses at colleges.

Obama is only adding federal jobs - more people on the public dole. Whoopie. It wasn’t Bush’s fault - it was the fault of the Demokrat-led congress. Put the blame where it belongs - Democrat economic policies.

According to DOD stats as of late 2012, we have troops in the following Islamic nations (besides Afghanistan): Bahrain (2,713), Djibouti 168, Egypt 280, Kuwait 15,000, Qatar 806, Saudi Arabia 284, United Arab Emirates 191. The Army has said that as they pull out of Afghanistan they will be deploying thousands of troops to various African nations in 2013. Also, last year Obama deployed troops throughout central Africa and Libya.

You really need to read the news now and then.

Joe said...

XO: "You'd get a bloody nose for even having an opinion on what my daughter should or shouldn't do with her legs because that's creepy."

What it is is a recommendation of a moral standard. And there is NO WAY I, or any other American, should have to foot the bill if she decides on her own to have sexual intercourse and wants to prevent herself from getting pregnant.

GEC: You are correct, of course, but XO will never understand it or admit it if he did.