Saturday, February 9, 2013


This is a simple post.

How much of a rich man's income is his fair share in taxes?

Who decides how much a fair share is?

How is the fair share amount arrived at?

How much of a rich man's fair share should poor people get?

Should an employer (either an individual or a corporation) make more than his employees?

How much more?

Who gets to decide that one?

Should a person who works hard and earns LOTS of money get more of it taken away from him than a person who has not worked hard for whatever he gets?

Suppose what he got was an inheritance? Should he pay the same as someone who earned his money?

Suppose he didn't work, ended up poor and didn't have a cell phone. Should somebody be required to give him a cell phone?

What are the reasons a person should work hard and earn a lot of money?

If a person earns $250,000 and pays 10% of his earnings to the government, and another person earns $300,000.00 and pays 40% of his income to the government, is that fair?

Why or why not?

What in the world is a "fair share." (Definition, please.)


Ducky's here said...

How much of a rich man's income is his fair share in taxes?
We should be taxed progressively in proportion to the percentage of the nations assets we control.

If the 1% owns 90% of the wealth then they should be taxed in proportion to support the society that is the engine of their wealth.

Young Chow said...

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Joe said...

Ducky: Thanks for that definitive, if meaningless, answer.

If 1% owns 90% of the wealth, should they be taxed at 50%, or 60%, or 40%, or maybe 85.6%.

Which, and how do you arrive at the figure?

Come on, sir, give me a straight answer, if you can.

Joe said...

YC: Xie xie. Toa chie. Gum xia. U de.

Fredd said...

"Fair share" of course, is a moving goal post. It all depends on the Zeitgeist, and the number of liberals currently seated in both chambers of Congress.

Most liberals, of course, will simply argue that the rich should pay 'more,' and leave it at that, regardless of how much they are already paying.

Sen. Tom McCall (R-Or) once posited a hypothetical question to a group of OMB analysts (CPA's all): 'if we were to raise the top marginal income tax rate from its current 39.6% to 100.0%, how much revenue would flow into federal coffers?'

To a man, these number crunchers hammered away at their calculators to come up with astronically high figures. In reality, no calculator would be needed to come up with a figure: ZERO. Nobody, absolutely NOBODY will sit still and let the government take everything they make.

It just doesn't work that way, but try telling that to an average Jo-Joe Politico commenter, or to these numbskulls at the OMB.