Tuesday, February 5, 2013


President BO (the amateur president) is just SO believable, isn't he?

Everything he says is just gospel.

Like now he is telling us he goes skeet shooting "...all the time."

That's true if you redefine "...all the time" to mean "never."

But wait!

We have an actual picture of him skeet shooting! And we know it's so, because the smoke is coming out of the barrel of the gun! (Pay no attention to the smoke shooting out to the right of the barrel.)

And he is so good!

He shoots at the skeet before it even makes it into the air! WOW!

OK! OK! Here's the picture!

His skill is further demonstrated by the way in which he holds the "shotgun." Of course, he's going to have a very sore shoulder, maybe even some bruises, by the time he is through for the day. Either that or he is the only person on earth who can fire a shotgun like that and not be hurt.

And everybody who has ever gone skeet shooting knows that you shoot at skeet by aiming the shotgun the same way you aim a rifle.

Oh, and never, never lean into a shot when firing a shotgun. Lean back a little from your body's center line so as to increase the likelihood that you'll be knocked on your posterior by the recoil.

But he already knew that.

He doesn't have to wear any headgear that might prevent the sun from getting in his eyes. Those manly looking sunglasses should be enough.

Am I dreaming, or does he have his cheek resting on the top of the gun butt?


I'll bet when he was finished he took his skeet home with him and roasted it for dinner!

Back when I was in high school, some "friends" of mine took me Snipe hunting.

Love Snipe for dinner, don't you?


Peters Page said...

Why isn't his GUN being confiscated?

Fredd said...

If you ask me, BO should stick to bowling.

Joe said...

PP: 'Cause he's the king. A king disarms his subjects so they can't overthrow him.

Fredd: If he bowls as well as he "shoots skeets," the gutter is going to see a lot of action.

Ducky's here said...

Who cares?

I don't understand why he indulged the gun loons in the first place.

Still, my advice is for you folks to relax or you'll punch yourselves out before Hillary 2016.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Who cares?"

Every time President BO (tap) is caught in an out-and-out lie your response is "Who Cares?"

Well, you're right about one thing. Liberal, leftist progressives certainly don't care. They think lying is a good thing.

Nikki said...

I find these posts to be not only racist, but harmful.. It's unrealistic for anyone to expect someone who is legitimately unemployed but seeking employment not to have a means of contact, especially someone who is homeless. Homeless people have no permanent address to list on job applications. A cell phone allows them to be contacted by potential employers and managers. So why not give them a cell-phone?

People who seek government assistant usually have already everything in they can to find work for themselves, and become independent. But, that doesn't mean that someone should live like a dog because of their employment or un employment status!

Joe said...

Nikki: "I find these posts to be not only racist, but harmful."

You find wrongly.

How does your comment relate to this post?

Are you saying the picture the WH released is both a real picture and establishes that PBO(tap) really goes skeet shooting?

Craig said...

Every time President BO (tap) is caught in an out-and-out lie

What lie, Joe?

Sept. 13, 2010, McClatchy News Service

WASHINGTON — The five members of Texas Christian University's national championship rifle team were already beside themselves to be on the South Lawn of the White House Monday evening at a celebration of all NCAA sports champions when President Barack Obama gave them the first shout-out...Obama told the TCU team that he, too, practiced shooting with a rifle. "He said he practiced with the Secret Service," said Riford, who graduated from TCU in May and now works in Fort Worth.

I'm sure he was lying in 2010, too. Back when he was anticipating the Newtown slaughter and his "assault" on the 2nd Amendment.

Joe said...

Craig: '...practiced shooting with a rifle."

What has that to do with skeet shooting?

He said he went skeet shooting "...all the time."

Then the White House released that photo "to prove it."

It doesn't prove anything except that he does not know how to hold a shot gun, and therefore does not know how to skeet shoot. It also reeks of Photoshop because of the extra puff of smoke ejecting from the right of the barrel.

Turns out his skeet shooting "...all the time" was a lie.

But liberals' response to every lie he tells is "Who cares?"

Ducky's here said...

Joe, if the barrel smoke is bogus why didn't they just create a layer and brush it out?

Joe said...

Ducky: "... why didn't they just create a layer and brush it out?"

It's a good question. I don't know the answer, but I can surmise one.

They were in a hurry to get something out that would SEEM to make BO a proponent of "legitimate" gun use.

In their haste, they Photoshopped a picture to show him firing a shotgun. They did a very bad job of it.

If that picture is supposed to show him skeet shooting, it really shows how inept he is at it (for reasons outlined in the post).

The smoke coming out of the front of the gun MIGHT be legit. But the smoke coming from the right side of the barrel should not be there. It would indicate a faulty gun at risk of exploding.

If the WH was intent on "proving" he loved skeet shooting, they should have taken the time to send out a good picture.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ducky: "Who cares?"

Hillary: "What difference does it make?"

That's the sort of responses liberals have when caught lying.

Joe said...

GEC: "That's the sort of responses liberals have when caught lying."

I've never seen it to fail.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Although I've never had snipe - I hear it is a delicacy - pan fried.

Joe said...

sh: Slow cooked over an open fire with mashed potatoes and little green English peas.