Friday, February 8, 2013


Hollywood can make ANY film it wants to, but a "common" citizen cannot. Did I get that right, liberals?


Patty Gamblin said...

Right On Joe, Ignore them! Besides they are being paid to entertain us and nothing more. Nobody cares what they think!

I have even stopped watching their movies on television, partly because I don't want them to make even a penny from my viewership, and partly because each and every one of them are lousy actors who turn my stomach when I do watch them. But unfortunately, many Americans are influenced by what celebrities say and do

There are much more attractive people and more talented people out there. Stop supporting these has-been mediocrities. Avoid their films and RV shows, and especially those stupid talk show like Letterman, Joy Behar and the View. And would not spit on 'Hanoi Jane' if she were on fire. .

Joe said...

PG: I do my best to ignore them. I haven't been to a movie since The Passion of the Christ, and I don't watch talk shows on TV.

I watch CBS This Morning on occasions and they showed a clip from Letterman. Everybody on the set laughed, even though it wasn't funny in the least.

Ducky's here said...

The so called "filmmaker" (Bresson and Ozu are spinning in their graves) was arrested for violation of parole.

The guy has a pretty good sheet and this is not some creative independent voice.

More spin and nonsense from Bill Witless.

Ducky's here said...

"According to the Associated Press, "Nakoula struggled with a series of financial problems". In 1996, a lien for $194,000 was filed against Nakoula's gas station for unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest dating from 1989 to 1992. A $106,000 lien was filed against him in 1997. He filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000, owing several banks a total of $166,500, but later failing to make payments under the bankruptcy plan.A $191,000 tax lien was filed against him in 2006.

The Daily Beast reported that Nakoula was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 1997 after being pulled over and found to be in possession of ephedrine, hydroiodic acid, and $45,000 in cash. Nakoula was charged with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 1997 to one year in Los Angeles County Jail and three years probation. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, he violated probation in 2002 and was re-sentenced to another year in county jail.

In 2010, Nakoula pleaded no contest to federal charges of bank fraud in California. Nakoula had opened bank accounts using fake names and stolen Social Security numbers, including one belonging to a 6-year-old child, and deposited checks from those accounts to withdraw at ATMs. The prosecutor described the scheme as check kiting: "You try to get the money out of the bank before the bank realizes they are drawn from a fraudulent account. There basically is no money." Nakoula’s June 2010 sentencing transcript shows that after being arrested, he testified against an alleged ring leader of the fraud scheme, in exchange for a lighter sentence. He was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison, followed by five years probation (supervised release), and ordered to pay $794,701 in restitution. He was sent to prison, then to a halfway house, and was released from custody in June 2011. A few weeks later, he began working on Innocence of Muslims. Conditions of Nakoula's probation include not using aliases and not using the Internet without prior approval from his probation officer."

He's a peach, eh Joe?

Just a concerned citizen trying to express himself.

Joe said...

Ducky: As usual, you miss the point. He might well have been one of the most evil men on earth, but he was NOT responsible for the Benghazi attacks, as President Obama maintained for 2 weeks, when he knew better.

Ducky's here said...

Here's your caption, Joe:

Hollywood can make ANY film it wants to, but a "common" citizen cannot. Did I get that right, liberals?

Now after your spin, tell me I'm not addressing the content of that caption.

Whittle also goes on about this poor souls right of expression.

Joe said...

Ducky: "...tell me I'm not addressing the content of that caption."

OK. You're addressing that line, but not the point of the post (see above).

Ducky's here said...

Bleep Nemo.
What a ball buster.

Almost (ALMOST) makes you want to move to Florida.