Monday, February 18, 2013


Notice the earnestness with which he speaks!

 Notice the body language!

 Notice the pauses to try to find words that make it seem like he's being authentic!

 Notice the out-and-out lies from the first moment his lips move!

ADDENDUM: One of my commenters has challenged me to be specific about what lies are contained in the above video, so here goes.

“Well actually, on a whole bunch of fronts we’ve kept that promise.”

“A bunch of fronts?” That’s very unpresidential. Plus it’s a lie.

“This is the most transparent administration in history.”

That’s a lie…it’s even hysterically funny!

“I can document how that is the case.”

No, you can’t and you won’t. You lied.

“Every visitor that comes into the White House is now a part of the public record…that’s something that we’ve changed.”

Keeping tabs on who comes to visit is transparency? In what universe? Sounds like spying to me.

“Jest about every…uhh…law that we’ve passed, every rule that we…uhh…uhh (searching for some difficult word here?) implement, we’ve put on line for everybody there to see.”

“Jest about…” – equivocating, isn’t it? (and, yes, he said “jest,” not just). After it was implemented! Get it? AFTER. His promise was to put it on line BEFORE it was passed.

He lied.

“There are a handfull of issues, mostly around national security, where people have legitimate questions…where there’s still concern.”

What does that even mean? “Where there’s still concern.” About what? About putting them on line, keeping them a secret or about getting caught doing something? What?

Answering a question with a meaningless statement to avoid answering the question is a lie.

“…About whether or not we have all the information we need.”

The master of clarity strikes again.

“Benghazi, by the way is not a good example of that…”

Lie! Benghazi is a PERFECT example of that.

“That was largely driven by campaign stuff…”

Lie!! That was largely driven by him saying it happened because of a stupid video…another lie.

“Because everything about that…we’ve had more testimony and…uhh…more paper provided to Congress than ever before…”

That’s a lie. 

In the first place, none of it was done for weeks and weeks AFTER the questions started coming. Congress had to FORCE it to be brought up. The testimony was false and the witnesses unforthcoming.

“…and Congress is sort of running out of things to ask.”

That's a lie.

The things they DID ask were not straightforwardly answered.

“But, when it comes to things like…uhh (let me see if I can think of something)…how we conduct counter terrorism, there are legitimate questions there…”

Another meaningless statement. Who was talking about counter terrorism? What galaxy did that sudden side-step come from? Side-stepping to avoid an actual answer is the same as telling a lie.

“…and we should have that debate..”

I’m sorry. Was that part of the interviewer’s question? Or did Obama just deflect to it to keep from telling the truth about the actual question she asked? Not telling the truth is a lie.

“…and what I’ve tried to do coming in to office was to create a legal and a policy framework that…uhh...respected our traditions and our rule of law, but some of these programs are still classified, which meant that we might have shared them, for example, with the Congressional Intelligence Office, but they’re not on the front page of the papers or on the Web.”

Say what????



Xavier Onassis said...

Name a single lie. Be specific.

Lisa said...

every visitor to the WH is public record expect th lobbyists who meet with him off site as to not be noticed and of course remember that big Halloween bash they had at the WH was kept secret as to not appear to be living lavishly when so many are struggling. Now he doesn't care if he is seen living lavishly because the election is over.
Oh and you can keep your own doctor too.
The stimulus will keep unemployment under 7%
He can throw any BS at the people but having a compliant media helps too.