Thursday, August 23, 2012


Is there any connection between those girls and this quote?

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

When people don't believe in God, they have no moral foundation except for their own opinions. So in their worldview, there is nothing wrong with stealing.

Ducky's here said...

That's right Chatsy and people believe theft is wrong often regardless of any religious affiliation or absence of religious affiliation.

Theft was criminalized in civil mandates before the O.T.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


When are you going to grow up and stop the name-calling?

Whether or not godless people believe theft is wrong is not the point. They have to borrow that worldview from Christianity. These girls obviously don't believe in God, and have no moral foundation to say theft is wrong.

Even before the O.T. was written down, God's law against theft was in place.

Ducky's here said...

Your sense of history is beyond dismal.

What you call Christianity is a melding of various ancient civilizations. From Egypt to the Hammurabic code to Greece and Rome and Persia ... the Israelites were a minor tribe whose moral code most closely resembles contemporary sharia. And as part of the American Taliban you would like to bring us closer to sharia when ciilization has done so much to outgrow it in the west.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ducky it is your history which is revisionist. The Judeo-Christian moral code came from God at the beginning of Creation. None of your listed societies even existed until after the flood with which God destroyed the earth.

You demonstrate your total ignorance of the Christian faith every time you associate it with Islam.

Lisa said...

Liberal Logic:

As long as someone else worked for it and I need it......

You know that girl's parents don't vote republican. Probably the 9 year olds parent's do.
You know work ethic and all.

Craig said...

The Judeo-Christian moral code came from God...God destroyed the earth


You know that girl's parents don't vote republican.

Just like Susan Smith's parents. If you don't know who she is, give her a Google.

Craig said...

Rats, I forgot. When you search for Susan, add Newt's name.

Lisa said...

Oh big deal Craig, that was a political season although I don't agree with the statement he made. He was stating something for politics and I was for the sheer joy of stirring the pot.
But I do agree that liberal policy is to blame for many of our county's woes.

Lone Ranger said...

Yeah, who needs God when governments can pass civil mandates? Look how well it works in places like North Korea, China, Cuba, etc. The problem with atheism or secularism is it has no moral benchmarks. Certain things are forbidden, not because they're considered immoral, but because they're against the law.

And who determines what's right and wrong? Politicians and judges. And before you know it, things are being outlawed not because God says they're wrong but because politicians and judges say they're wrong. And if you thought the vengeful God of the Old Testament was strict, you ain't seen nuthin. Pretty soon it's illegal to own a gun, to smoke in bars, to drive without a seatbelt, to have too much water in your toilet tank, etc., etc., etc.. Is there anything in the Bible banning Big Gulps or salt or goose liver?

It is no coincidence that the most secular nations on earth are also the most repressive.

Lone Ranger said...

These girls are sociopaths. They are completely lacking in any moral standards. I wonder what they'll do for money later in their life.

Joe said...

GEC: God is who is missing from the moral compas of liberals. They would prefer to leave Him out of the equation.

Only thing is, the equation can't be balanced without Him.

Ducky: You were banned once for name calling and getting off subject.

It can happen my whim.

Craig: You're becomming irrelevant. What has Susan Smith/Gingrich to do with these two girls and their amorality?

LR: We are on the fast track to normalizing the North Korean model.

Craig said...

You're becomming irrelevant. What has Susan Smith/Gingrich to do with these two girls and their amorality?

It was relevant to Lisa's comment. Amoral children can have Republican parents. Now I find out Lisa doesn't mean the dumb things she types, she's just stirring the pot.

Matey Matt said...

So, our Liberal friends, how's that Hope & Change working out for you?
This is the real America in a new age of Depression. You won't hear these kinds of stories on the campaign trail or in the billions of dollars spent on commercials with politicians selling you empty words that can't fill your belly at dinner time.
I never seem to hear about any llegal immigrants from Mexico on food stamps going hungry !!
I just reas a blog about Cheryl Preston a 54-year-old mother of three and grandmother of three in Roanoke, Va., says there are days she skips meals so her husband and son can eat. If they notice, she says, she'll let them think she's fasting. She waters down the milk and juice to make it last longer. She visits food pantries, but it's not enough.
"Who would think that in the land of plenty, hard-working families would go hungry? But I am living proof it is true," Preston writes in a first-person account for Yahoo!.
In the last three years, she hasn't been able to replace a $500 loss in monthly income. Her husband's job can't always guarantee 40 hours a week; his second job lasted only through Christmas. So mealtime suffers: Her family eats in one day what they used to eat at one meal. Often, they manage on a nearly barren cupboard for five or six days until the next pay day. They sometimes skip family gatherings at restaurants because they can't pay the tab.
"It is distressing," Preston writes.
"When you get a check for $250, and your basic needs require at least $400, you are already defeated. You can only cut back so much and then you have no choice but to do without. I long for the days when I could pay my bills on time, buy more than enough groceries and have money left over."
She's not alone. Eighteen percent of Americans say there have been times this year that they couldn't afford the food they needed, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. In particularly hard-hit regions of the United States, like the South, at least one in five didn't have enough money for food. In Preston's Virginia, 15.2 percent of state residents are affected. One has to wonder is she is better off today than she was 4 or 8 years ago! And the sad part about all this is that it's gonna get worse. When and if Obama gets re-elected there is nothing to stop him. We are seeing signs of that already. He'll have 4 more years left to complete his “re-shaping America. If Obama gets re-elected there is only one thing we can do. put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

Fredd said...

LR's right, these idiots are complete sociopaths, and would likely be inclined to grab a handful of cash out of the offering plate when it was passed down their pew.

But then again, I would bet my immortal soul that these two idiots have never set foot inside a church, so I guess we'll never know how they would handle the above offering plate scenario.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe where's your proof that these girls weren't raised in a religion?

There is none. You and your friends are making wild speculations based on your prejudices. Your belief that religion keeps people from criminal activities is absurd in the extreme.

Some of the most religious people on the planet molested and raped young children for decades and got away with it.

If you want to turn people's stomachs--which seems to be the goal of your post--why not report on how hundreds of priests, men of God--religious men, committed horrendous crimes against children by rape and molestation, and then for years covered it up?

That's much more sensational than highlighting two pathetic young idiots stealing from a girl scout.

We do know that the second young woman, Stephanie Woods, is from Florida. What sort of young people are you raising down there in a state that's part of the born-again south? Are your institutions teaching them how to be psychopaths?

Lisa said...

Craig I still meant it. There's always truth to sarcasm

Lisa said...

Shaw if you were paying attention you would know that it was revealed that most of those priests were gay,knowing they would be around members of the same sex even though they were young.
Do you really believe a straight man would desire to have relations with a a male of any age?
I don't think they would at all.
Don't get me wrong I am not justifying the behavior I am merely saying it was not the rampid behavior of straight men.

Lone Ranger said...

It is common knowledge (to those who value knowledge) that pedophiles structure their entire lives around their perversion. They become teachers, counselors, party clowns, priests, etc. To condemn Catholics because some priests are homosexual pedophiles is either stupid or anti-Christian bigotry. You might as well condemn football coaches as perverts for the crimes of Jerry Sanduski.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, you apparently didn't understand the point.

Men of God--religious men molested and raped children--male AND female.

The commenters here said this:

"When people don't believe in God, they have no moral foundation except for their own opinions."

That is not true, and that commenter offers absolutely no evidence for saying it.

"It is no coincidence that the most secular nations on earth are also the most repressive."

This is even sillier and more baseless.

Sweden is one of the most secular countries on the planet--and its citizens are not repressed. Other secular countries: Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Hardly repressed nations.

Does anyone here actually fact check what they say?

BTW, one of THE MOST religious countries in the world actually DOES repress its citizens.

And their sincere religious beliefs caused them to fly planes into buildings.

Those weren't Swedes on the plane.

Or hadn't you noticed.

Joe said...

SK: Typical liberal thought process. There is also no evidence that they were raised by Irish goats.

I have no idea "how they were raised." I just know what their attitude is as presented in the video.

It was a real (not staged) interview and they said what they said.

What their political leanings are I can only guess (although i think it would be easy to guess). But they are clearly amoral, as are most of the liberals I have met.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


What is your moral foundation besides your opinion? Jews and Christians have God and His moral law as the foundation for their morals. If you don't believe in the God of the Bible, then you have no higher moral authority than yourself.

The religion which has caused the most mayhem in the world is atheism. Millions killed by the Nazis and Communists. And you hint at Muslims, who are indeed the most violent religion next to atheism. But Christians who follow the Scripture will never repress anyone. Comparing Christians with Muslims is just plain stupid.

"Men of God - religious men molested and raped children - male and female."

This can only happen by not following the faith they proclaim. And since this mostly happens in the Romanist priesthood, the problem originates with Romanist teachings, which are NOT Christian.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"But they are clearly amoral, as are most of the liberals I have met." Joe

Some of the Christians I've met raped little boys and girls.

And some really religious people fly planes into building killing 3,000 people.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Some who claimed to be Christians, who you've met, raped little boys and girls. Just because they claimed to be so, that doesn't make them so.

Again you compare apples to oranges, as if every religion in the world is the same or even similar. A Christian who follows the teachings of his holy book will not do evil deeds, but a Muslim who follows his holy book MUST do evil deeds.

Joe said...

SK: "Some of the Christians I've met raped little boys and girls."

You may not realize this, but I am a high powered lawyer.

I've never been allowed to try a case, but I declare that I am a high powered lawyer.

So does that make me a high powered lawyer?

In the same way, someone who CALLS himself a Christian is not necessarily a Christian.

One does not become a Christian by default, one becomes a Christian by repenting of sin and trusting in, and only in, the finished work of Christ at the crosss of Calvary.

Otherwise, one is only a nominal Christian.