Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Xavier Onassis said...

You're gonna need a mighty big septic tank to absorb that much pure crap.

Joe said...

XO: How much of it do you really thing is pure?

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - I rarely say this here, but, good point.

Just Bill said...

After reading these comments I have to wonder, Why is the left so angry....? I thought they were all tree huggers for peace, love and equality even for all the illegal aliens, and the poor people who can't find their behinds with both hands. that Oblaaama is trying to change the laws to vote for him , mabe he thinks hes a king or a dictator....hummmm yea I think I would vote for some one like that, you know every thing he has said for the last 4 year has been lie after lie and thats a fact no ones making that up . if I were a demo rat I would be embarrassed of him and my party look at what it has become

sue hanes said...

Joe - Don't be a stranger.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Notice how MSNBC didn't air any of the minorities who spoke?
Now there's the tolerant ones.
Bill why is he left so angry? Because that's who they really are. You know when their leader is telling them if they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun. et in your neighbor's faces.
Real class act our president is. The Romney's are refined and genuinely nice. That's not what money does,that's what faith does.
Unlike the faith of the Reverend Wright.

Lisa said...

Ducky and is this a poor reflection on democrats?


Pope of Grenich Village said...

Question! If Obama wins a second term, who oh who will he blame for the bad economy he inherits?

Joe said...

Ducky: "Bummer, I thought they'd have Ann Romney ride in on her $80,000 tax deduction and immediately sit the trot before saluting the judges."

With that one comment you have demonstrated what a skanky, low life bag of barf you are.

The sad thing is, I believe that comment personifies the very heart of the left.

You are amoral, mindless pieces of swamp slime.

Ducky, you are no longer welcome on this blog.

Every future comment of yours will be deleted.

You present nothing of value, you present no argument, you present nothing related to the subject and you have less value than a dead slug.

Get lost...forever.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - Not sure why you reacted the way you did to Ducky's comment. Ann Romney's $80,000 deduction was a reference to her Olympic Dressage horse named Rafalca.

The Romney's really did get that big of a tax deduction for the horse.

"Sitting the trot" is a particularly challenging dressage move that can win valuable points in a competition.

All Ducky was saying is that he was surprised they didn't have Ann ride in on her Olympic horse and perform a complex dressage move in front of the audience.

There was nothing "skanky" or "amoral" about his comment. It was a reference to the Romneys being so out of touch with the average American who doesn't get a $80,000 tax deduction for owning a dancing horse.

As always, your blog, your call. But I think you may have misinterpreted and overreacted just a tad.

Joe said...

XO: That was NOT what he was saying, and we both know it.

He was referencing her "supposed use of the horse" for MS rehabilitation. And if it cost $8.00 or $8,000,000.00 makes no difference, tax deduction or not.

That is the essence of his mind set and is the common theme on liberal blogs.

Tax deductions are not tax dodges, they are written into the law for a purpose and it is legitimate to use them as such.

(For the record, I think ALL tax deductions should be done away with and a flat tax be implemented for every dollar earned over the poverty level.)

Misdirect all you want, condescend all you want, that's the end of Ducky's reign on this blog.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - You completely misread what Ducky was saying and over reacted, IMHO.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, Joe.

Joe said...

XO: As you travel the conservative blogosphere, you see Ducky's droppings everywhere, and they are acidic, caustic, snide and disingenuous.

Ducky is who Ducky is.

And now Ducky isn't.

abluegirlami said...

It's a very sad state of affairs when we cannot get unbiased reporting from a major news network. No one has to wonder whether their persuasion is, it's so obvious that they are on the on the far left, bought and sold by the Obama camp. I can't wait to see the parade of idiots that will be on the Democratic Convention. I could probably write the article for you before it even happens. This may be your headline: THE DEMOCRATS COME THOUGH AGAIN! I happen to be an independent voter but after seeing this convention with all these honorable people speaking so eloquently and beautiful I'm more than ever persuaded to vote for Romney ticket. But that's easy to do in this election, I can honestly say that I'd vote for anyone bu Obama.... Why? Because I'm for America, not for election a man who wants to be the messiah of the world. . We Americans fell for the lie and we're paying for it. If we fall for it again, shame on us.
I don't need to list of the incompetent actions and decisions to back this up for they have been written and mentioned time and time again.

Joe said...

BG: The speakers were eloquent and persuasive.

The Dems will be accusatory and will have no plan.


Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - I don't really "travel the conservative blogosphere" Joe. I save all my love for you.