Sunday, July 1, 2012

SUNDAY RESPITE-God of Our Fathers-Mormon Tabernacle Choir


Joe said...

The Question Man: Obviously YOU can't read. This is the Sunday Respite and no political comments are allowed...PERIOD!!!

No foul language is allowed on this blog, either.

There is no free speech on this blog. Constitutional free speech applies to the government not restricting our speech. It does not apply to me restricting what goes on MY blog.

You don't get to go here.

Joe said...

So, QM, color yourself GONE!

sue hanes said...

Joe - Thank you for this Masterpiece.

Sung by the Masters of Glorious Masterpieces and given to us by the Master Himself.

So appropriate as we approach the celebration of the Master's Masterpiece Country's birthday.

Have a great Sunday - Joe - and a wonderful Fourth.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We sang this one in church today also.

The sad thing is that this choir sings all sorts of Christian hymns, and yet the members have no understanding of Biblical Christianity.

Joe said...

GEC: I love some of the new music, but I really wish we would sing more of the great hymns. There is so much good doctrine and praise in them.

Z said...

Wow, Joe...that is SUCH a MAJESTIC HYMN one could almost mistake it for a national anthem (would that it was ours!, though I quite like ours, too!)
GORGEOUS rendition, of course....let's hope those Mormons singing are digging deep into their pockets to support their guy this year :-) (not to get political on Sunday!)
Thanks for coming by geeeZ on my Sunday Faith Blog.xx

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


There are some good current hymns, such as Getty and Townend put out, but for the most part what we have today can't compete with the great doctrine of so many of these.

The first time I heard THIS song was only as instrumental on an old 33 rpm - NOT LP - with Cities Service Band of America. The trumpet intro and between each phrase was awesome.

By the way, the music for this is called "National Anthem". .