Monday, July 2, 2012

ObamaCare IS NOW ObamaTAX!

President BO (the child president) used the example of people being required to buy insurance for their cars to illustrate why ObamaTax is appropriate for our government to impose on its citizens.

Not so fast, PBO(tcp)!

I get to choose whether or not I buy a car.

If I choose to buy one, then I am required to purchase insurance, either liability or liability and comprehensive…my choice.

If I choose NOT to buy one, I don’t have to buy liability OR comprehensive.

Income tax was tied to the fact that I chose to work and generate income – not on my existence itself. Property tax is a corollary to my decision to buy real estate. The gasoline tax is a corollary to my free decision to drive a car, and a car that runs on gasoline.

The proper analogy would be to force me to purchase liability and comprehensive automobile insurance whether or not I choose to buy a car.

That’s what ObamaTax has done, with the help of the Supreme Court and its Chief “Justice,” John Roberts.

In other words, according to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, you can now be taxed just for existing!

Of course President BO (the child president) spent a lot of time proving to us that the result of ObamaTax was not a tax at all, but a penalty for not buying into it.

The SCOTUS shot that theory down.

But wait!

Democrats don’t care what the SCOTUS says, now they’re insisting it is not a tax, no matter what the Men (and Women) in Black have to say.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

The end result, though, is the same. You will have to pay the government for no other reason than that you inhabit the US of A.

Failure to do so will incur the ire of the IRS.

Did I miss something? Isn’t the IRS in charge of taxes (not to be confused with Texas, which they would also like to be in charge of)?

For the last 50 years, the insurance industry has existed in more-or-less its present form. Before that it was virtually non-existent.

Suddenly, health insurance has become a right imposed (instead of being acknowledged, like the rest of our rights).

The idea that some are promulgating that we “now have Obama where we want him,” and can thus engineer his overthrow, having caught him in a lie, is laughable.

Since when has catching President BO (the child president) in a lie ever made any difference?

He has lied about himself, his past, his heritage, his career, his friends, his origins, his intentions and everything else he has ever said. And you liberals have fallen for it.

As the old adage goes: “Watch his lips. If they move, he is lying.”

Tax or penalty, ObamaTax is going to cost over $5 billion and will remove about $5 billion from Medicare. That’s $10 billion…somewhat more than I make in a year.

Mark my words, it will also reduce our medical force, reduce our level of care, actually decrease the number of people cared for, increase the cost of health care to individuals, run up the budget deficit, drag the economy further down and, worst of all, inspire all kinds of new taxes on us for things we have chosen not to buy.

Why a citizen would fall for such tripe is beyond me. It must be a testament to the level of rational though to which we have fallen…make that crashed.

We will rue the day ObamaTax was enacted.

Ten years from now, come back and tell me I was wrong.

You won’t be able to.


Ducky's here said...

You have a body. It broke down. You paid to have it repaired.

Everyone now pays some of the cost of repair. Live with it.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, this insurance model was initially developed by The Heritage Foundation. Why would they support a model that is anything like your conception?

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "He has lied about himself, his past, his heritage, his career, his friends, his origins, his intentions and everything else he has ever said."

Not a single word of what you said is true.

Be specific.

What did he lie about?

Craig said...

I get to choose whether or not I buy a car.

Could you have chosen not to have a bad ticker or a bad hip? Can someone choose not to get cancer or break a leg? Can a child choose not to get asthma or hormonal disorder (like my kid). The point is, everyone will need medical care at some time. Early detection or preventative care can minimize cost and occurrence but only if one has access.

If we really want to lower costs, eliminate the for profit middlemen that skim 20% off the top for their expertise in denying people coverage.

Tax vs. penalty won't be an issue since Romney agrees with Obama.

Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior adviser to Mitt Romney, admitted Monday that he actually agrees with the Obama administration on something: the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act is a "penalty" and not a "tax."

Mark my words

Done. Republicans biggest fear is that it will work and people will like it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened too "if I want too"?

Joe said...

Craig: " will work and people will like it."

No fear. That will never happen.

austin said...

What pisses me off more than anything is when these LIB'S call Mitt Romney a "Flip Flopper"

I was disgusted with the Bush crew but at least Bush seemed to know when he was lying. He also didn't have huge parties and celebrity bashes every night as the economy crashed. His wife was also pretty, smart and organized.Obama exceeds all limits in lying, deceit, personal consumption and narcissism. His wife is also strange, acting like she's a cross between Jackie O and Imelda Marcos.They say he gets bored with economic type meetings and also is thin skinned.Who knows? Since we really don't know a lot about him, where he is from, exactly where and who he went to school with or even his real habits and vulnerabilities it maybe true that he is a creation of the US intelligence agencies, being run for their own purposes. Ever wonder why it's always her relatives visiting the White House or traveling on Air Force One? What's up with that?
Now we have the real Flip-flopper-in-chief sitting right there in the oval office (when he's not on vacation or playing golf or basketball) thinking about how he can Tax us again!
I'm sick of that man and more than that sick of the people who kiss his behind!