Friday, July 27, 2012


Sorry, Mr. Amateur President. Our National Motto is: "In God We Trust." Even so, the rest of the video tells even more about him. President BO is, indeed, the child president. And the end of the video is very good. Reminds me of Numbers 2 in the Bible.


EzzZee said...

I was a bit doubtful of President Obama in the last Presidential race, only because I didn't think that he was experienced enough. . I have to say though we have come a long way and I support our President 100% and have even donated money this time around. He is far better than your candidate when it comes to helping ALL the people, not just a "select" group.

His opponent Mitt Romney betrays equality on numerous issues and aligns himself with a faction of the Republican Party that does not include equality.
You righties wants to make the president a scapegoat for all of America's woes and problems.. Well it just ain't so. America's problems didn't happen over night, they happened in the past 8 to 12 years, when your "Dear leader " George W. Bush was in office and he led us into 2 very expensive and meaningless wars.

EzzZee said...

You can laugh about it or deny it but the facts are there, President Obama inherited an economy with huge deficits, skyrocketing health care costs, and dwindling employment, and things like that can not be fixed in 3 years. Not when it took 8 years to get us in that ugly mess.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

The government's job is NOT entitlements, nor is its job to redefine what marriage is for people who want privilege vs "equality."

The government's primary job is defense of this nation, a job in which Obama is failing miserably as he continues stealing money from the military to pay for entitlements while our military becomes more and more weak, all the while being left over seas from where he said he was going to bring them back during his first year!!

The economy Obama inherited was getting screwed up, but he did nothing to solve the problem and every thing possible to exasperate it, since his goal is to ruin the economy to force socialism.

Joe said...

EzzZee: So all of his statement about how he knew how to reverse the "ills that Bush left" were only so much smoke blowing, is that what you're saying?

He promised he knew how to produce jobs, yet he has not produced a net increase of even 1 job. More people are unemployed now than were when he took office.

Is that part of your "long way?"

He promised that he knew how to cut the deficit, yet the deficit has grown exceedingly under his "leadership."

He promised to unite the country, yet the country is more divided than ever.

Is that part of your "long way?"

I could go on, but frankly your statements of unsubstantiated claims are significantly boring.

GEC: Yep. He promised change, and that promise he kept. He took us from a poor economy and changed us to the worse economy since the Great Depression.

We've come a long way, all right.

Xavier Onassis said...

From Wikipedia -

The modern motto of the United States of America, as established in a 1956 law signed by President Dwight D Eisenhower, is In God We Trust. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST as a motto for currency (but not as a National motto) first appeared on United States coins in 1864.

The 1956 law was the first establishment of an official motto for the country, although E Pluribus Unum ("from many, one") had been adopted by Act of Congress in 1782 as the motto for the Seal of the United States and had been used on coins and paper money since 1795. Due to this act and uses, it had thus been unofficially considered to be the country's motto. The change from "E Pluribus Unum" to "In God We Trust" was generally considered uncontroversial at the time[citation needed], given the pressures of the Cold War era.

The constitutionality of the modern national motto has been questioned with relationship to the separation of church and state outlined in the First Amendment. In 1970, in Aronow v. United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the motto does not violate the First Amendment to the Constitution. The United States Supreme Court has not ruled on the issue.

Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

Beautiful, Joe...thanks.
Americans were so much more united and moral when Judeo Christian values hadn't been so badly maligned these last fifty years...
very sad.

(don't you get bored of commenters who cut/paste the same comments at all the blogs? man) (and did you notice they're out in full force before the election? :-)

Tyrone said...

Something for Ezee to think about

.I still can't forget what Obama said a week ago about how entrepreneurs and successful people aren't directly responsible for their success. I wonder what would the exchange have been like if Barack Obama played himself on the Jefferson's, and he said what he said to George Jefferson that he didn't really build his dry cleaning empire,the government had a role. I believe George would have been ready to beat the crap out of Obama, throw him out of his apartment and slam the door in his face.George Jefferson was a character who believed that he wasn't owed anything in life, he believed he had to go work and acquire what he wanted. Obama believes in redistribution of other peoples hard earned wealth. The reality in life is that giving people who don't have what other pepole have earned will not elevate them up the economic ladder. Even though George Jefferson was a fictional character, many people who believe that they are entitled to other people's wealth could learn a lesson from George. Thanks for the laughs Sherman.

Joe said...

XO: "... the separation of church and state outlined in the First Amendment."

There is no separation of church and state outlined in the First Amendment. There is only "Congress shall make no law...respecting an establishment (not the establishment) of religion...or restricting the free exercise thereof."

The separation of church and state was first addressed by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a Danburry, CT church, and had nothing to do with the Constitution, First Amendment or otherwise.

Joe said...

XO: You clearly know more (or at least have researched more) about our national motto: "In God We Trust," and the former de facto national motto, "E Pluribus Unum" than President BO (the child president) ever knew.

You, at least, are not a complete dunce.

He is.

Lone Ranger said...

I think ducky is begging for a permanent ban. He obviously has not grasped the nuances of playing with adults.

Anonymous said...

Lone Ranger said...
I think ducky is begging for a permanent ban.

I'm thinking that he DESERVES a permanent ban. Being as disrespectful to the host here,

If it were my blog, I ban him yesterday

Joe said...

Z: Although still the majority, people of principle and morals are out-shouted by the vocal minority.

Tyrone: He now has an ad saying he didn't say what he is on tape (Video) as having said. And he says he didn't say it with a straight (although crooked looking) face.

LR: Ducky got what he asked for and now is whining about it.

IACMR: Ducky has crossed the line of irrelevance and now his little feelings are hurt.

Liberal leftists live on feelings alone.

He was asked to remain relevant dozens of times, asked to drop the snark and asked to keep it clean and has refused on all counts.

He is no longer welcome here.

The Commie Basher said...

Liberals are always in favor of banning things like Happy Meals,Plastic bags, Guns,Lightbulbs, Smoking, and big Gulp sodas, why don't the think about being BANNED themselves?..

Here is a guy who make the color of the president's skin a major issue, I won’t vote for him or any liberal even if he was as white as snow

Chateau Robert said...

Ducky has once again set the record for ignorance. He must be so proud of himself.