Sunday, October 16, 2011

SUNDAY RESPITE-He Is Jehovah-Kenneth Copeland


sue hanes said...
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Joe said...

sue hanes: I removed the stupid anonymous comment, as well as your response. Nothing wrong with your response except with his comment gone, yours no longer had a context.

Hope you enjoyed the song.

I'm not a Kenneth Copeland fan, but I am a fan of that song and his rendition of it.

sue hanes said...
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Z said...

Joe, there's a Kenneth Copeland on Christian TV who TALKS, but is that the same guy who SINGS this song?

This is nice, thanks.
I wish you could have heard my praise band this morning! I have to admit WE ROCKED! :-)

Joe said...

Z: Same guy! I like his singing much better than his "name-it-and-claim-it" preaching.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

But are you not giving him credibility? Would you also post songs by cult members?
Copeland's "Jehovah" - the God he follows - is not the God of the Bible.

Joe said...

GEC: There are a lot of songs I like that are by people whose theology I disagree with.

J.S. Bach was one example. The Mormon Tabernaccle Choir is another.

I ascribe no credibility to the person just because I like the music.

The quality of music is fairly objective, not subjective.

However, what one likes or dislikes may well be subjective.

I also like some Gregorian chants, some Middle Eastern fare and a few oriental numbers.

My musical tastes are pretty ecclectic.

Just don't make me listen to opera or "alternative."