Monday, October 3, 2011


Is there really no one in "public" (read: government) education who can see a correlation between the absence of applying the board of education to the seat of knowledge and the rise of bullying in schools?

OK, so let's concede that "spanking" is not the only issue contributing to the problem.

There's also the removal of the right to encourage and lead prayer in "public" (read: government) schools.

There is the removal of the teacher's right to enforce discipline in the classroom.

Also up for consideration is the intimidation of those who might be tempted to report bullying for fear of retribution (related to the above issues).

One might also consider the false premise that how one dresses has no relationship to his/her ability to learn.

This last one might or might not be true on its surface, but learning to dress properly is a part of the discipline of corporate learning ("Corporate" meaning doing things together, not a form of business).

Add these conditions all up (along with some others you might be able to think of), and you have an environment specifically designed to encourage bullying without consequences.

I heard on a news report this morning that two kids found to have been bullying another will be suspended from school for a week!


In those bully's minds, that amounts to a reward for bullying: a week off from school!

Some punishment!

Do schools of education no longer understand the basics of learning?

"Learning" is defined as a relatively permanent change of behavior and/or understanding as a result of stimuli.

Effective learning is accomplished through primary positive reinforcement for good results and primary negative reinforcement for bad results.

In other words: reward good accomplishment and punish bad behavior or "negative accomplishment."

Getting an "A" on a test, being a part of a positive event and good behavior are things that should be rewarded.

Getting an "F" on a test, being a part of a negative event (such as a gang bullying a kid), and cutting up in class are among the things that should be punished (given that the learner is mentally capable of learning).

For punishment to accomplish its goal (the change of behavior), it must be meaningful to the punished.

There are basic principles of education that have been abandoned in order to "preserve the child's self-image."


"Self-image" is greatly...really greatly...overrated.

One's "self-image" can come in two forms: self-centered, arrogant pride and a proper understanding of how one's accomplishments can better the plight of society (read: others).

It is time to return to the precepts of learning that used to be in place before the federal government got involved in the day-to-day operation of our institutions of learning.

Except as related to the six functions of government laid out in the Constitution, government is always the problem and is never the solution.

Failure to recognize that is why even the government is consistently involved in bullying.

The government led by President BO (the child president) in particular.


Leticia said...

I absolutely believe corporal punishment should be back in schools. And furthermore, teachers need to be able to defend themselves against those horrid kids who lack discipline in their homes.

As for the Obama and his administration, it's time to put them in a classroom and teach them all over again what our forefathers intended for this nation and why we have the constitution.

Mark said...

Just more examples of the wussification of America.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love the post..amen to every sentiment!...dang where are the good ole days!!..:)

Lisa said...

It's the entitlement society as we are seeing with all these young people and unions members marching on Wall Street demanding "theirs",undoubtedly by design.

Joe said...

Leticia: "it's time to put them in a classroom and teach them..."

They will never learn.

Mark: Yep.

WHT: The "good old days" will never return. But I wonder if common sense will, either.

Lisa: I the "I want, what I want, when I want it, where I want it, and if you have it, I will take it from you, 'cause I deserve it" mentality.