Thursday, October 6, 2011


Some more quotes from those freedom and justice for all Democrats.  (These quotes, and more, can be found at "On Republicans and Racism")

Notice that they did not restrict their hatred to "Negroes" only.

"Instead of restoring the Union, it [the Republican Party] has, so far as in its power, dissolved it, and subjected ten states, in time of profound peace, to military despotism and Negro supremacy."--Platform of the Democratic Party, 1868

"While the tendency of the white race is upward, the tendency of the colored race is downward."--Sen. Thomas Hendricks (D., Ind.), 1869. Democratic nominee for Vice President, 1876. Vice President, 1885

"We, the delegates of the Democratic party of the United States . . . demand such modification of the treaty with the Chinese Empire, or such legislation within constitutional limitations, as shall prevent further importation or immigration of the Mongolian race." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1876

"No more Chinese immigration, except for travel, education, and foreign commerce, and that even carefully guarded." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1880

"American civilization demands that against the immigration or importation of Mongolians to these shores our gates be closed." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1884

"It has of late become the custom of the men of the South to speak with entire candor of the settled and deliberate policy of suppressing the negro vote. They have been forced to choose between a policy of manifest injustice toward the blacks and the horrors of negro rule. They chose to disfranchise the negroes. That was manifestly the lesser of two evils. . . . The Republican Party committed a great public crime when it gave the right of suffrage to the blacks. . . . So long as the Fifteenth Amendment stands, the menace of the rule of the blacks will impend, and the safeguards against it must be maintained." --Editorial, "The Political Future of the South," New York Times, May 10, 1900)

"We favor the continuance and strict enforcement of the Chinese exclusion law, and its application to the same classes of all Asiatic races." --Platform of the Democratic Party, 1900

"The repeal of the fifteenth amendment, one of the greatest blunders and therefore one of the greatest crimes in political history, is a consummation to be devoutly wished for." --Rep. John Sharpe Williams (D., Miss.), 1903. House Minority Leader, 1903-08

"Republicanism means Negro equality, while the Democratic Party means that the white man is supreme. That is why we Southerners are all Democrats." --Sen. Ben Tillman (D., S.C.), 1906. Chairman, Committee on Naval Affairs, 1913-19.


sue hanes said...

No list of quotes is quite complete without the quote of all quotes:

"All Men Are Created Equal'

(That ought to hold them for awhile while I go home to tea served by my slaves, after my slaves pull my boots off and maybe later I'll make a visit to the slave quarters and see how Sally's doing. heh heh)

Joe said...

sue hanes: You are a one note samba.

Jefferson was a Democrat.

Ducky's here said...

Congratulations, Joe, a couple of them squeaked into the 20th century.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

How about some quotes from the Know Nothings, Joe?

Joe said...

Ducky: OK. "Congratulations, Joe, a couple of them squeaked into the 20th century."