Friday, October 28, 2011

MY FINAL LAST WORDS ON OWS (Actually Bill Whittle's Words)

(People's comments that are not relevant to the video will be deleted. Translation: Watch the video before commenting.)


Xavier Onassis said...

Oh, I watched the video.

Where do you find these idiots?

Do you go to YouTube and search for "right wing nut jobs with Rick Perry hair"?

Do you search for "insipid, vacuous bloviation with no basis in fact"?

Did you look at the "charts" he posted? They were just curved lines! There was no data points, no sources, no timeframes. Just a couple of curved lines and some narration claiming that they meant whatever he wanted them to mean.

Really? Seriously? This is the kind of stuff you think represents something worthy of debate?

You people exhaust me.

It's like I'm standing in a public space yelling at the park benches.

I can't have an intelligent conversation with an unarmed opponent!

The depth of the stupidity exhibited here exceeds my stamina for treading the waters of ignorance.

I'm drowning a little bit deeper every time I visit this site.

Go ahead and delete my comment. I don't care. I've wasted too much of my time on this anyway.

If you have the ability to ban me permenantly, please do so.

Consider it an intervention.

Apparently I'm addicted to goonbabble.

Joe said...

XO: Why should I ban you? It is way too much fun to watch you continually expose your ignorance with anti-facts and rage!

You are easy fodder to contradict.

"I can't have an intelligent conversation..." would be more accurate.

And BTW, "they" are not the idiots here.

Z said...

Bill nails the mentality, doesn't he, Joe. I'm glad you posted this, too. He's a really nice guy, I've had the pleasure of meeting him quite a few times, and has a decency and character America needs more of.

Craig said...

Joe & Z. Next time you complain about unemployment or how Obama and the Demokkrats are tearing down America, go back and watch this smug, condescending whittle man. The problem is, you got too damn comfortable. Nothing a massive dose of austerity and 3 1/2 days in the woods can't cure.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

What a great video. He is 100% right on the money. It's this whole society with the entitlement mentality brought about by the socialism rampant in this nation especially since FDR.

Everyone thinks someone should give them everything they want for free!

sue hanes said...

Joe - I watched all 5 minutes and 37 seconds of this insufferably
boring video - just to earn the right to comment on it.

And my comment is:


Empty words.

Full of blanket statements - like how does Bill Whitle know the background of every one of those protesters?


Protesters are born from somewhere.

These people may or may not be doing things that others don't approve of, maybe they are even offensive - but they are trying to tell us something.

They are people, Joe.

We should listen to protesters - and not just criticize - but try to see through the external stuff -
because protesters are a valuable part of our American society.

Ducky's here said...

Joe what is being protested on one level is the rising income disparity in this country.
Now, I have future plans. When the upper one percent have extracted everything they ain't going to stick around.
I'm going to photograph the faces of the suckers who figured the job creators would always have room for one more call center droid or a Walmart greeter.

It's coming and you just whistle past the graveyard.

First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you,
then they fight you,
then you win.

--- Gandhi

Ducky's here said...

Read it if you like Joe. I bet you find it hilarious.

Ducky's here said...

XO, don't punch yourself out. Couple jabs then get ready for Joe to walk into the straight right.

Z said...

Craig, did you WATCH the video?
No credence to any of it, huh?
We watched it; we agree.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I had a friend of mine watch this; you'll love his response:
"I agree 100%. It really irritates me when people whine about being $100k in debt with a degree in women's or minority's studies and not being able to find a job. It's incredible that so many people completely lack the ability to think critically or think about a few years in the future."

Now let me tell you that he just graduated college and is working as an engineer at 23 yrs old.

Craig said...

Craig, did you WATCH the video?

Yes. Three times.

No credence to any of it, huh?

No. Whittle starts by defining the protesters as just a bunch of spoiled kids whining about corporations on the electronic devices those beneficent corporations have provided for them. Silly kids with their degrees in bitterness. "Precious snowflakes" who've never had to work hard and want everything handed to them. When he can smugly set up a straw man like that, it's easy to knock down.

Obviously, his only exposure, if he's had any at all, to the protest is the videos of the few goofs a grassroots protest can attract. Here's a knucklehead at the protest, they're all knuckleheads.

Z, there are people of all ages, from all walks of life at the protests. Instead of relying on Whittles condescending caricature of the protesters, go downtown to Occupy L.A. and talk to them.

Do you agree that things are out of whack in our country? According to Whittle, the only thing wrong is, we've become spoiled and lazy, too comfortable, victims of our success, entitled to everything for free.

Meanwhile, the "producers" are being crippled by the Socialist Obama admin. We are being taxed to death. Unions are to blame.

Z, I hope you check out the links. You don't have to read them all, although it wouldn't hurt. The headline, the lead paragraph, or scroll to the charts. It should get the point across.

We watched it; we agree.

No, Z. But, by Whittles logic, things are fine. If you're complaining, you're a whiny, spoiled brat. Why wouldn't that apply to you, too? Stop complaining.

Joe said...

Craig: If you haven't noticed the difference between the behavior of OWS and the Tea Party, if you think OWS is made up of a cross-section of the U.S., if ou choose to ignore the filth, filthy language, arrests, fights, sex-in-the-streets and so on, you are a fool, a liar and no smarter than a wart.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, I have noticed the difference. The Tea Party was a very short lived, possibly populist, movement that allowed itself to be coopted by the likes of Dick Armey and the Koch Brothers. It's not much of anything now.

I doubt there is an Occupy group near you so you will simply depend on a select group of right wing clips. That satisfies your almost nonexistent curiosity.

Craig, z might be too frightened to go near the Occupy L.A. site although it is one of the better organized in the country. She could download this weeks Counterspin podcast which interviews a number of the L.A. organizers.
However, they also talk to Barbara Ehrenreich so that may mark it as a Communist broadcast that is merely duping you and I and the rest of the left.

One thing we do know, the critics here have absolutely no direct experience with Occupy and really haven't much standing to describe it one way or another.

Now, Joe, I ask again. How do you feel it's possible to compare a Tea Party event to Occupy when the former is nothing more than folks being bussed in for an afternoon of a box lunch and Sarah while the latter has been going on for over a month.

Occupy Worcester is still active in Massachusetts after getting nailed with over a foot of snow. Do you want to compare that to Tea with Bachmann?

Barbara Ehrenreich did bring up some great points about the movement making folks conscious of the problems of the homeless like how to deal with the shortage of public toilets. Now is this the sort of issue the Baggers would face? No, Joe, Bagger Party has become a complete media fraud and you probably know it.


Ducky's here said...

Joe, what filthy language? I know you freak at any hint of a swear but there has been little of that from Occupy.

I assume the arrest bother you because being an evangelical you are also an authoritarian and accept police action against demonstrators so long as said demonstrators frighten or offend you.
Lobbing a flash grenade into a group trying to get medical attention to a wounded man (two tour Iraq vet) who was peaceful and had committed no crime may be how you roll but I see no honor in your position.

Ducky's here said...

Well Chatsy, remember, not everyone can be lucky enough to retire at 55 and suck on the public teat after a career of sleeping and sitting around playing cards.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ducky, you are showing your ignorance again. Firstly, I was forced to retire at 56 - not 55 - after 30 years as a controller. But guess what, I also went to work afterwords as contract instructor because I wasn't ready to retire. ATC is not a job just anyone can do, which is why there are so many washouts in training. It's a highly skilled occupation, but screwed up with the union.

It is one job which really needs to be federal because in not only requires interstate cooperation but also international cooperation - treaties and such.

I'd be willing to bet that the rash of controllers caught napping was a union action because they fought unsuccessfully for 20 years to get a second person on slow-tower midnight shifts. When a supervisor was caught and a big tadoo was made of it by the press, that gave the union impetus and suddenly no one could stay awake and - whatdaya know they suddenly got an extra person on the mid to add to the union coffers.

And guess what - I never got a college loan and demanded that someone else pay it off!

Joe said...

Ducky: You ignorant, nobody.

Here in Lee county we have a park called Centenial Park at which some 1,800 Tea Partiers met in peace, heard inspirational and meaningful speaches and left the place cleaner than they found it.

There were no arrests, no fights, no filthy language and no whining about being "left behind" by rich people.

On the other hand, a group of 170 Ocupiers have planted their tents there inviolation of both county and city ordinances, refused to leave when ordered to do so, had confrontations with police and were led away in hand cuffs.

They have demanded that local businesses give them their daily food, port-o-potties, blankets, sleeping bags and tents.

Some contrast.

But I'll bet you are incapable of seeing any difference.

That requires a brain.

Ducky's here said...

They have demanded that local businesses give them their daily food, port-o-potties, blankets, sleeping bags and tents.


The occupy movements have made no demands of local businesses to give them anything.

They do ask for private donations but there are no demands.

You sir are a liar.

Please point to any demand that private parties donate.

Also, as I have stated, it is utterly ridiculous for you to compare an extended demonstration to you Tea with Bachmann bus ins.

No, it does not surprise me at all that you would fear the established American institution of civil disobedience, something that goes a long way back in our history.

Joe, why not go down to your nearest occupy and just talk openly and honestly with some groups. That's what we are looking for.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, can you locate the DEMANDS that local business supply them?

I do like the idea of Marry a Corporation Day.

You have a favorite?

Craig said...

if you think OWS is made up of a cross-section of the U.S., if ou choose to ignore the filth, filthy language, arrests, fights, sex-in-the-streets and so on, you are a fool, a liar and no smarter than a wart.

Joe, I've been to the Occupy protest in Minneapolis twice. Once during the week when there were maybe 100 people who have set up camp on the plaza in front of the Hennepin Co. Govt. Center. There was no litter, I didn't have to dodge piles of feces and there was no fighting and no arrests. Because tents, tarps and blankets are so out of place on the plaza, it did look a little messy.

I had some business downtown so on my way I had picked up a couple dozen bagels and a variety of shmears. They thanked me and no one made any anti-Semitic bagel jokes. I chatted up a few folks, one was an unemployed machinist in his late 40's. maybe a third of the other people looked to be college age.

The other time was a rally at the plaza on Oct 7th. Over a 1000 showed up. Reps. from neighborhood groups, Clyde Bellecourt and an elder from the Dakota Souix , some artist, a teacher, a nurse, and an SEIU member, among others, spoke to the crowd. No profanity, no sex in the streets, although there were a couple jack booted Nurse's Union thugettes that can sponge bathe me any time.

At the end of the day people were picking up after themselves and all was civil and mostly orderly.

Joe, If I went up to someone like Impervious over at Z's at a tea party fest and called him a 'delicate flower' who's spoiled rotten and doesn't know what he's there for but I do. Then recorded his response, do you think he might have a few choice 4 letter words for me?

I've never compared the tea party to OWS. I thought I'd go back and look a few vids. This is the first one that popped up. Everyone is neatly dressed, didn't use profanity, probably didn't litter, and definitely weren't having sex in the streets (at home, either. Just a guess). All upstanding citizens and mind numbingly uninformed.

Craig said...

Joe, I haven't compared OWS to the tea party because it would be (using my best Herman Cain impression), apples to oranges. I'll compare them to the original Tea Party.

The East India Trading Co., a huge multi-national corporation had gotten a tea tax break from the British. It would undercut the local tea merchants. Protesters had stopped the ships from landing in 3 other colonies but Mass. Gov., Thomas Huthinson allowed the ships to dock in Boston. You know the rest. The real Patriots engaged in, gasp, civil disobedience. Sorry Joe, I know just the thought of civil disobedience gives you the vapors.

If the tea party wants to emulate the originals, they would board a ship in the Port of Seattle loaded with junk from China headed for Walmart and start pushing containers into Puget Sound. Instead they carry water for the bankers and those corporations that are bleeding us dry.

Ducky's here said...

A couple articles that may focus things, Joe.

An argument for better distribution

Then they fight you

Joe said...

Craig: No, I believe in civil disobedience and have participated in it, as far back as 1964 in St. Augustine, FL.

But OWS has become nothing but disobedience. There is little civil about it.

How many rapes are allowed in "civil disobedience?"

How much property destruction is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

How much filth is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

How many ad hominim vulgarities are allowed in "civil disobedience?"

How much imposition on other's rights is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

At the afore mentioned park in Lee County, one annual event had to be cancelled because the OWS "crowd" of less than 200 people refused to pack up their tents and allow the group to have their meeting.

Another is scheduled this weekend, and OWS has been served a warrant to vacate. Reluctantly, and over their vocal objections, they are moving their "protest" to another location for a few days.

They are whiney, vermin who's voice is not worthy of being heard (although I recognize their right to express it...just not at the expense of others' rights)/.

Joe said...

sue: "...protesters are a valuable part of our American society."

Like the Tea Party?

Ducky's here said...

^ Before they were coopted by Dick Armey and the Koch's, yes.

Craig said...

How many rapes are allowed in "civil disobedience?"

None. If the alleged rape in Cleveland actually occurred, lock up the perp and throw away the key.

How much property destruction is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

I haven't seen much property destruction except trampling of grass. Tea partiers are tramplers, too. To answer your question, 342 chests of tea.

How much filth is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

Define filth, then I can answer.

How many ad hominim vulgarities are allowed in "civil disobedience?"

Since 'ad hominem' is a logical fallacy, it can't describe a vulgarity. "How many ad hominem attacks laced with vulgarities" would make sense. Answer, there is no limit on vulgarities. Give me an example of some ad hominems from OWS.

How much imposition on other's rights is allowed in "civil disobedience?"

I can't put a number on it, but some, if you're doing it right.

They are whiney, vermin who's voice is not worthy of being heard

I forget to mention earlier, there was a group of whiny, pampered Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans at the rally I attended. I'm sure a few of them would love to spend 3 1/2 days in the forest with you and Bill Whittle (sans his blow dryer).

Lone Ranger said...

Once again, proof that there is no bad behavior, no matter how bad, that liberals will not defend -- as long as it is done by liberals.

Allow me to school Craig on American history. The public schools obviously have not done the job.

George Washington disapproved of the destruction of the tea at the Tea Party. Benjamin Franklin demanded that the India Tea Co. be reimbursed for it. Paul Revere made sure to replace a broken lock on one of the ships and severely punished a participant who stole some of the tea for his private use. Considered an embarrassment by many of our Founding Fathers, the Boston Tea Party was not celebrated for another 50 years.

Has ANY liberal disapproved of the destruction by the Flea Partiers?

Our Founders did not approve of mobs. Contrary to what these morons shout at TV cameras, our troops are NOT fighting for their "right" to block traffic, sleep on sidewalks, wear ski masks, fight with the police or urinate in public. We have a representative government so that mob rule is not necessary. Citizens can protest at the ballot box. Unfortunately, liberals are too stupid to exercise that right properly. When given a moral choice, they always come down on the wrong side of the fence. Thus, Obama.

I'm guessing the liberals who haunt this blog are receiving daily talking points from Baghdad Bob.

Ducky's here said...

Citizens can protest at the ballot box.


Man, not on;y don't you kow the score, you don't even know who's playing.

Craig said...

Considered an embarrassment by many of our Founding Fathers, the Boston Tea Party was not celebrated for another 50 years.

Who's calling themselves the tea party today? I'll bet the Founding Fathers would find the tea baggers an embarrassment as well.

Our Founders did not approve of mobs.

In 1773, the Founders wanted independence through diplomacy. John and Sam Adams defended the action. Other Patriots worried it would hurt the cause. It was the Brits harsh reaction to the 'destruction of the tea' that led to war. OWS has not engaged in destruction of property as a tactic. There have been a few instances that the Righties point to, as if that represents the movement. It's been the harsh reaction to camping by police in places like Oakland that have instigated violence.

our troops are NOT fighting for their "right" to block traffic, sleep on sidewalks, wear ski masks, fight with the police or urinate in public.

Which Occupy gathering have you been to? A couple you tube videos don't count. These guys fought for "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Allow me to school Craig on American history.

With a copy/ paste, word for word, from Ann Coulter.

Without crediting her. You are pathetic.

Xavier Onassis said...

Craig - "With a copy/ paste, word for word, from Ann Coulter.

Without crediting her. You are pathetic."

Ahahahahaha! Good work!

But ya know, for folks like Tonto's boyfriend, those pesky plagerism laws are just another example of an out of control, overreaching, Big Government trying to stifle Free Speech!

After all, show me exactly where in The Constitution there is any prohibition on "cutting and pasting"!

The Constitution is equally silent on the matter of DVRing NASCAR races, sharing Lee Greenwoood .mp3s and parroting the Fox News talking points as though they were your own original thoughts, analysis and opinions.

Spinoza said "Nature abhors a vacuum." This is as true in neurology as it is in physics.

If a brain is unable to form it's own thoughts, thought's will pour in from the nearest available source to fill that vacuum.

For some it's religion, for other's it's Fox News, for many it's both.

The lack of critical thinking is as evident as it is pathetic.

What a waste of DNA.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, go over to z's site. She's Got proof from Glenn Beck that North Korea, The Black Muslims and Iran are behind OWS. You'll love it.

Meanwhile, tell me how it is possible to conduct a conversation with someone who has gone off the high side that many times.

Ducky's here said...

Gee Joe, the dirty hippies managed to generate a work slowdown at the port of Oakland today.
Looks like the longshoreman are all in and you may finally be seeing the type of unified movement we've tried to develop.

This ain't over Joe and all the cutesy little crap from brain dead tools like Mr. Whipple is empty.

Stay tuned. For someone who likes everything neat and tidy, this is going to be excessively exciting.

Joe said...

Ducky: Yeah, and they're destroying property and businesses (focusing on banks) in Oakland.

Nice guys with a message that sure does attract the likes of you.

cary said...

OK, Lefties: Are you sure no laws are being broken by these peaceful activists?


How about False Imprisonment?

How about the flyer pushed at Occupy Phoenix advocating and instructing the proper time to shoot a cop? Real good timing on that one, since Glendale PD Officer Bradley Jones was fatally shot shortly afterward ...

The reason the TEA Parties go home after a Saturday event is because we have jobs to go to. Remember? We are, of course, part of that terrible 1% causing all this strife and economic trouble. Since it doesn't seem like any of the 99% have jobs, they can hang out and do the neo-hippy thing.