Saturday, November 28, 2009


Treasury chief,Timothy Geithner said that by “any measure” of consumer or investor confidence, the economy is “substantially stronger today than when the president took office” in January.

Just read my post from yesterday to gain the proper perspective.



ablur said...

We will see a minor boost in consumer spending due to the holidays. You will see our liberal leaders claim victory over the economy, but don't be fooled.

I believe we are about to see another major swing in the wrong direction in January. With false hope raised it might get pretty ugly. Unemployment is too high and the lack of foreclosure activity given the economic conditions leads one to expect the bubble to burst soon.

Z said...

Geithner is insane..maybe criminally insane considering what he's doing to our economy in selling us out to China.
We're in such big trouble and this jerk thinks we're doing better? Ridiculous.

But, it's one time I wish he were RIGHT.

Mark said...

He doesn't think we're doing better. He knows the truth, but he knows if he speaks the truth, he and his Chicago style thug buddies will lose all the power they've gained.

The recession, climate change, etc, is all about obtaining power and they don't care if they destroy America to get it.

bluepitbull said...

That pretty much explains it all.