Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Liberals love misdirection.

One of the arguments you can hear, watch and read in all forms of media about the government requiring health care coverage goes something like: "Well, we require you to have a driver's license and this is the same kind of thing."


Not everybody is required to have a driver's license. The only people required to have a driver's license are people who choose to drive cars and trucks.

I know people who do not own or drive cars. Tens of thousands of people in New York City don't own or drive cars, and many of them do not have driver's licenses.

Furthermore, driver's licenses are NOT required by the federal government unless you have a government job, driving a vehicle as part of your job.

Driver's licenses are issued by the STATE you live in, not by the feds. In fact, hold up your hand if you have a driver's license (or a fishing license, or a hunting license, or a business license)issued to you by the federal government.

The government mandate for health insurance is nothing more than a method of spreading the wealth, which is a characteristic of Socialism, Communism and Dictatorships, not of freedom in a Democratic Republic.

Both the House and the Senate versions of Universal Health Care have mandates in them.

I hope somebody with the means to do so challenges the government's right to mandate health care in court. I hope it then goes before the Supreme Court. I hope the Supreme court then recognizes that the Constitution does not give the government the right to mandate health care.

I won't hold my breath for that to happen, though.

That would be bad for my health.


Mark said...

I mentioned over at my place, that some clever true Conservative Congressman should surreptitiously slip a provision into Obama/Pelosi's health care reform bill that demands Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and all the other Liberal politicians resign from office, effective immediately upon passage.

Now, that's a health care bill I could support!

shoprat said...

A free people won't do what they're told and that's all that the Donks care about. They don't want to govern, they want to rule.

Joe said...

Mark: We have clever true Conservative Congressmen?

shoprat: Power to the rulers! Let them be kings! (Well, they will be if someone doesn't wake up).

Tapline said...

Joe, I was really taken back with the vote that was cast on Health Care....I say vote them all out and start backing their opponent as soon as they are announced.....IT was evident they are not listening...next is term limits, soonest......stay well

ablur said...

Liberals never have understood choice. They use the word all the time but it usually points to one choice. Choice is at the heart and soul of freedom and until they can fully grasp the meaning of choice we will continue to see bills like this one.

Ducky's here said...

No, Joe it is a way of allowing insurance to perform it function --- SPREADING THE RISK.

Now, if someone thinks they are low risk now and don't want insurance, fine, but you have opted out for the duration and will be bankrupted if you incur a medical emergency.

Once again, the purpose of insurance is to SPREAD THE RISK. If low risk individuals are allowed to opt out until they are old enough to incur risk then they raise costs significantly and what we will have done is indeed an income transfer, to Libertarian slugs who are doing what they always do, looking for a free lunch.

Joe said...

Ducky: "...you have opted out for the duration and will be bankrupted if you incur a medical emergency."

So what?

The issue here is choice...you know, like a woman's choice NOT to have an abortion, which liberals really support.(?)

Insurance companies "spread the costs around," but they do so as a business decision, not from government coercion.

It would be even better for them, and for their customers, if the government allowed them to make even MORE sound business decisions, so they don't go the way of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (which way came about at the insistance of the feds).

For the life of me I cannot understand why a man who CLAIMS to be as wise as you can't understand the basic concept of Freedom and why it was so important to our founders (and to me).

Freedom to do what the government tells you you can do is not freedom at all, by any means.

cary said...

Ducky - then why won't the government allow the INSURANCE COMPANIES to compete in an open market, across state lines?

THAT would guarantee low cost insurance, and would "spread the risk" to a national customer base, not a very localized one.

As a side note, if you don't get a driver's license, you aren't THROWN IN JAIL for not having it.

Susannah said...

Right on, Joe. The other part of the red herring argument is, "the G'ment requires you to purchase car insurance! This is just the same..."

Sorry. No. Car insurance is for a piece of property which you own, that can do harm to someone ELSE or their property. The insurance is to protect OTHER PEOPLE; an obligation if you own & operate a 2 ton machine.

This logic bears no resemblance to the G'ment requiring people to buy health insurance. It's extortion, pure & simple.