Friday, November 27, 2009


Liberals cannot afford to engage in truth. Engaging in truth keeps them from gaining their objectives.

The latest example (at least as I write this…I’m sure it will be superseded in the next moment or two) is what is becoming known as “ClimateGate.”

As you have no doubt heard by now (unless your only source of news is the MainStream Media…in which case you have been left to wallow in your ignorance), we have hard evidence that the leaders of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have hidden and/or deliberately manipulated data that proves our planet is experiencing a cooling down, not a warming up.

In one of the emails we have the following quote: "Don't release any information. I'll delete it rather than release it, if I have to."

When liberals decide that something would be “good for the country,” yet cannot come up with a logical reason for accomplishing it, they just make something up.

That used to be called lying.

Now it is seen as making necessary adjustments to thought processes in order to accomplish a perceived agenda.

The truth is, you’ve been lied to about global warming.

By definition, climate change takes place, because “climate” means the way the atmosphere behaves in a given location at a given time.

But climate is a natural process, not a man-made process.

You and your fellow human beings are not big enough to significantly affect it.

Nevertheless, it suits the agenda of many liberals to create an image of emergency in order to justify the funding of unnecessary studies, grants and the like.

Huge organizations, such as IPCC and the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University need funding, mostly from the United States, and so they have fabricated the concept of Climate Change (which they used to call “Global Warming”) in order to convince you to let loose of some of your hard earned money.

The truth is, they have lied to you, Al Gore has lied to you, President BO has lied to you and you liberals like it that way.

Liberals live in a culture of “I Wish.”


David Wyatt said...

This is just common sense, & we knew it from the first time we heard it bro. Joe. I once thought grown men & women had more sense, but 11/4/08 proved many don't! Thanks & God Bless you & yours bro. Joe.

Tapline said...

The spin has begun...Nothin changes problem and they keep going pushed on by the MSM..I think other commentators were right then they say that the msm is no longer keepting and eye on government to keep them honest. They have joined the administration....So sad......especially when I can remember when the news was carried on the front page and the editorials covered what was individual thoughts and political belifss..Not so anymore my friend..stay well.....

Mark said...

The revelation about Climategate" should finally put an end to the Global warming hysteria, but alas, it won't.

The media will still report the very weak theory of climate change as if it were fact, AlGore will continue to get richer and richer off the fear he generates, environMENTAlists will still insist the world will end tomorrow, or at least, the day after tomorrow, Liberals in general will continue to ignore facts because of what they prefer to believe, and Conservatives will continue to be vilified for daring to speak the truth.

Trying to reason with these people is like talking to a wall.

Mark said...

Good post, Joe. Too bad the only response from Liberals will be from those who want to argue.

Dan said...

This scandal is going to prove, I'm afraid, that this fabricated crisis is going to respond like a virus. It has interwoven itself into the sub conscious of the nation. Like the cultist who continues in his "belief" after he discovers that he has devoted his life to a lie, there are probably a significant number of people who are now immune to the truth of the matter on the lie of global warming. Consider the depths to which its tentacles reach and how much behavior and bad decision making has been based on this hoax. To discard it would result in a veritable revolution to the core of the way the West thinks. Could it be that the Muslim blowing his own people up based on bad religion, is a divine prophetic metaphor for our own people blowing their own economy (comfort) up based on bad religion masquerading as science, or vice versa? The big question now is just how many people are going to face the reality of the untruth of this matter, and how many are going to "dig in" their head into the sand? I'm not optimistic. The former would require courage and transparency, as you know, not strong points for those who have bought into this lie.