Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wana spend some jail time?

Under the health care plans making their way through congress, if you don't purchase health care, you are liable for a fine of up to $3,600.00

Does that seem fair to you?

One plan says if you don't pay the fine, you are liable for an additional fine of up to $1,900.00!

Does that sound fair to you?

If you don't pay the fine, you are subject to jail time of up to one year.

Does that sound fair to you?

Where is the "liberty for all" hidden in all of that?

Where is the "justice for all" hidden in all of that?

According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the legal actions would come from the IRS!

Yet, we are assured that the $3,600.00 is not a tax...neither is the $1,900.00.

Does that make sense to you?

When questioned by Republican, John Ensign of Nevada, Thomas Barthold, the JCT's chief of staff, said the IRS would "take you to court and undertake normal collection proceedings."

If the penalty is not a tax, why would the IRS be involved? Why not the Department of Justice?

When Senator Jim Bunning, a Republican from Kentucky, tried to introduce an amendment that would strike down the individual mandate, his amendment was struck down.

Now, why would our lawmakers impose a fine on those who do not want to choose to purchase health insurance?

According to President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks), it is because it would be unfair if someone who chose not to carry insurance got sick had their illness paid for by those who obeyed his mandate and bought health coverage.

If you are a liberal, can't you see the trampling of liberty and freedom manifested in that policy?

Of course you can't. Your mental illness has rendered you unable to think straight.

With every passing day, this administration moves closer and closer to destroying this Republic.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government we got from that historic 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia , he replied, "...a republic, if we can keep it."

It looks to me as if we are not doing a good job of keeping it.

Soon we will be saying, "I pledge allegiance to the Obamabanner, and to the dictatorship for which it stands, a divided nation, ignoring God, with excessive taxes for all and jail time for many."

Yet you liberals still think government manipulated health care is the way to go.

I will take no joy, when you begin crying about how you wish you had been able to see this disaster coming, in saying, "I told you so."


Xavier Onassis said...

I forget.

Which insurance company do you have?

How much of the paycheck you get from your employer goes towards your health care benefits?

I mean, I know you're pulling your own weight and not relying on the taxpayers or anything.

I just forget the specifics.

I'm sure you'll be happy to remind us.

Lone Ranger said...

Health care at the point of a gun. That reminds me. October 1 is the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China.

Joe said...

XO: I know how forgetful you are. A portion of my every paycheck is confiscated to pay for the retirement AND health care of folks who are retired. Has been since Medicare was invented. I also pay a monthly premium to a private insurance company.

In addition, I pay income taxes on what I earn AND on my social security income.

Double-dipping, for sure.

Not that that has ANYTHING to do with the subject at hand, I just thought I'd be kind and humor your ignorance.

LR: This gun is pointed, cocked, and the trigger is half-way back.

cary said...

So - let me get this straight.

I work for Company A. Company A has the 'public option" for health care and I need to buy it in order to be covered. I am making a little over minimum wage.

I can't afford the "public option", so I don't buy the insurance and hope and pray that my family and I don't get sick.

The government, in their usual efficient manner, figures out that I am working for Company A, I am "eligible" for the public option, and I am am not paying for it.

The government fines me for not buying the insurance. I can't pay it, because if I could pay the fine, I could afford the insurance in the first place. I get arrested (by IRS agents?!?) and tossed in jail for one year. In the meantime, Company A doesn't have my labor. In fact, all of Company A's employees are gathered in one corner of the exercise yard, playing spades. All of our families, without breadwinners, are now on foodstamps and other government support programs.

And, not coincidentally, they now get their insurance for free.

How is this a "better" or "improved" system from the one we have now? Why do we need to fix this system we have to the point of making criminals of the 85% of us who currently have health care through our employers or through private carriers, just so 15% can get coverage?

ObummerKare is a scam, and Obama is the Ponzi in the middle.