Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In my last post I asked whether the late Ted Kennedy really was representative of the people of Massachusetts.

Another way of asking that might be, "Did he represent what the people of Massachusetts are really like?"

If not, why not?

Why would people elect a person to high office who was not like them?

Take a look at the picture (you can left-click on it to enlarge it).

Two of those guys are your senators.

[For the benefit of recent government school graduates: See, there are 50 states. Each state gets two senators. (2 X 50 = 100)].

When you voted for your two senators (you DID vote, didn't you?), did you look for the person who was most like you? You know, the person who thought like you, acted like you, had the same work-ethic you have, was as polite as you and with the same servant's attitude that you have?

Or did you vote for the best looking, most charismatic, ambitious, party-animal of them who was running for office?

Did you vote for the person who promised to take the largest portion of your hard earned money away from you and give it to people who refuse to get an education, refuse to work, refuse to take responsibility for themselves and refuse to be a contributing member of society (operative word: "refuse," not: "can't")?

Did you vote for the person who promised you lots of goods and services from the federal government for "free," not realizing that he/she had to have been lying because absolutely nothing...did you get that?...nothing is free?

Maybe you thought the person you voted for was suave and sophisticated, and understood the needs and aspirations of you and your neighbors. Did you really check that person out and are you really certain that's what they stood for?

In my state, Senator Bill Nelson is one of the most smooth talking, "southern gentleman" types we have ever sent to the senate. He is also one of the most vile, hateful people we have ever sent there and he doesn't give a hoot about the needs, wants or aspirations of the people of Florida. He only cares about the power he has achieved and keeping it.

He has vowed to do his best to keep our state from realizing the increased number of jobs that would be created, the decrease in prices that would result over the long run, and the extra time we could buy to develop affordable, viable alternatives to fossil fuels by allowing more oil drilling off the shores of Florida.

He does not represent my interests, the interests of my neighbors or the interests of the majority of the people of my state, and does not care to do so.

(Interestingly, he has made no move to prevent other countries from drilling for oil in Florida waters. The only ones he wants to hurt are the citizens of Florida and the United States.)

So what about your senators?

Do they both represent what you are like in the same way the late Senator Ted Kennedy represented what the people of Massachusetts are like?

If not, what are you going to do about it?


snaggletoothie said...

I voted for some Democrat I know nothing about because John Campbell, my Republican Congressman who voted for TARP and was not ashamed to say he had not even read the bill. When he apologizes for this foolishness I might consider voting for him.
But regarding your question if I voted for the man who is like me: I voted against Campbell because I was always serious about my responsibilities and doing what was in the best interest of my patients and my employer. This Washington weasel lacks respect and concern about what are the really important aspects of his job.

Anonymous said...

I think that you may get a kick out of my blog written just 10 minutes ago.

Mark said...

My Senators are Mark Warner and Jim Webb. Warner isn't too bad, but Webb is a real piece of work. Remember, he is the one that switched parties so he had a better chance of being elected.

Yeah, that's real integrity, don't you think?

What am I going to do about him? Everything I can to see him voted out next election.

shoprat said...

I am fortunate to be represented by one of the best, Dave Camp. I voted against both of our current Senators.

I used to date a girl from Massachusetts and I asked her father why they kept Kennedy as a Senator. He answered that when he was in Washington he wasn't in Massachusetts driving their daughters into the rivers.

Joe said...

snaggletoothie: So are they all, all honorable men.

DD2: I certainly did.

Mark: See above.

Shoprat: That was as good an answer as any!