Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This video has just been brought to the surface.

This is a group of "Community Organizers," The Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus, with a casket that symbolized the "death" of America.

They enter the room with the chant, "Everybody in...nobody out!"

Then they seem to engage in an antiphonal prayer with the repeated refrains of, "Hear our cry Obama," and "Deliver us Obama."

There is discussion about what they are actually saying in this video, but when I first saw it on breitbart.tv HERE, there was no doubt in my un-coached mind as to what they were saying. What do you think?

And then there is this:

There is no doubt about what is going on in that one.


Tapline said...

Joe, to me there is no discussion as to what is happening in this first video. It is a "OB hear our prayer." mocking a Catholic Service on Prayer to Christ.. rad hats also signify an organization doesn't it????? If this is allowed to continue without a response from the Church other than turning the other cheek. We are lost....Enough is Enough!!

Mark said...

(sigh) And the beat goes on...

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, Libs still insist they do not deify and worship Obama.

Liberals cannot be embarrassed. They lack the gene to blush. And they will never retreat or apologize, or admit they are wrong. About anything. Despite all evidence to the contrary.