Wednesday, September 16, 2009




I could understand that.

There's a bad apple in every barrel.

But FOUR times in diverse, practically random places?

Come on!

Even YOU can see the pattern here, "Mr. Liberal-you Republicans are such a culture of corruption."

In Baltimore, Washington and Brooklyn, N.Y. and now California personnel in ACORN offices have demonstrated that they are liars, cheaters, tax evaders, former prostitutes and supporters of the international slave trafficking.

In this latest round, ACORN staffer, Tresa Kaelke, claimed to have been a prostitute herself.

You can read all about it here.

Says FOX NEWS: "ACORN issued a statement Tuesday evening saying that Kaelke, indeed, suspected she was being set up and only responded as she did to play along with the obviously fake pimp and prostitute."

In a sense, I could almost find that explanation plausible, but only almost.

If Ms. Kaelke had really thought these two were not on the up-and-up, she should have reported them to her superiors forthwith, at the very least to cover her own posterior.

If ACORN isn't divested of all tax dollars, direct and indirect, I intend to personally confront President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks) and tell him to wake up!

Of course, President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks), who supported ACORN from his days as a "Community Organizer" up through now, didn't know they were not on the up-and-up.

Of course he didn't.

And he didn't know the anti-American teachings of his twenty year spiritual mentor and close family friend, Jeremiah Wright, or the terrorist activities of his close friend and campaign supporter, Bill Ayers and his wife, or the Communist involvement of Van Jones, or the severity of the economic situation he "inherited from the Bush administration," or the facts of the police officer vs. Gates.

I get the distinct impression that the only thing President BO (President out of respect for the office; BO because his agenda stinks) knows is that he is little more than a pathological, putrid piece of protoplasm whose prime purpose on this painful path of pedantic progress is to pause, ponder and proclaim profound platitudes.

And then only with a TelePrompter.


My Files said...

Good blog Joe, I have to agree with it all.

PS saw your comment over on DD2's blog, also a very good comment.

shoprat said...

When half the apples are bad the whole bushel will soon rot.

Anonymous said...

Sarcastically, I have to rebuke you for your racism. That seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays.

Excellent post. Thank you.

Lone Ranger said...

Oops, keep up, Joe. Now there are FIVE. Hannity showed another one tonight in San Diego. The ACORN guy actually offered his contacts in Tijuana to smuggle in girls.

Lone Ranger said...
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ablur said...

You know a man by the company he keeps.
It should be clear to all but the most brain washed that BO is one of the worst choices ever made by the people of the United States. This country has made mistakes in the past but none of them compare to the mistake in office right now.
No this isn't about race? This is about true American patriotism and honor and love of country.

Unless we stay vigilant, he will destroy this nation.

Joe said...

My Files: Thanks for the encouragement.

shoprat: Only half?

Nickie Goomba: I refuse to let my non-existant racism be rebuked. Thanks for coming by and the good words.

LR: Yeah...I heard about it on Hannity's show on the way to choir rehearsal tonight. It's all happening just too fast...I CAN"T keep up!

ablur: vigilant we must remain!

Anonymous said...

Where was this during the election, maybe we could have avoided this mess! At least the truth is coming out now and is not being thrown under the rug. We won't let it!!

Joe said...

Jennifer: Good question! I think it ws known very well by President BO (who used to be ACORN's attorney), but was ignored because that's the way things are done in Chicagoland.

Alisa Rosenbaum said...

Acorn must be shut down. Thugs, all.

Susannah said...

The whole thing is just disgusting!! Acorn, the MSM REFUSING to investigate & now being exposed for what they really are by 2 independent, small time 'researchers.' Thank heaven for them & their courage.