Saturday, May 2, 2009


Almost every day there are new polls out tracking this, that or the other.

The most often read polls these days have to do with the President and how well he is doing in the eyes of Americans.

Here is some information from polling data.

According to the latest Harris Poll, Just under half (49%) give President BO's economic job performance positive ratings, while 51% give his economic job performance negative ratings.

When it comes to where the economy will be in the coming year, two in five Americans (39%) believe it will improve, just over one-third (35%) of Americans believe it will stay about the same, while just one-quarter (26%) believe it will get worse.

Among African Americans, seven in ten (70%) believe the economy will improve in the coming year and only 8% say it will get worse.

In the Hispanic community, almost half (48%) believe the economy will improve while one in five (19%) say it will get worse.

Whites are more pessimistic as only one-third (32%) believe the economy will improve in the coming year and 30% say it will get worse.

Just under one-quarter of Americans (23%) say they expect their personal financial situation will be better six months from now almost half (46%) say things will be the same and 31% say it will be worse.

The Gallup organization has issued a report card about what Americans think President BO has done best compared to what he has done worst.

Here's what they say:


1. Improved relations with other countries.

2. Economic stimulus package

3. Improving the economy

4. The Bailout plans

5. Fixing past mistakes

6. There was no number 6 thing listed among the bests.


1. Giving away too much in bailouts

2. Too much spending

3. Too friendly with US enemies

4. Economic stimulus package

5. Making poor cabinet choices

6. Not being honest/keeping promises

On an imaginary report card, the American people surveyed by Gallup gave President BO the following marks when asked whether he has done better than expected, worse than expected or about as expected:

24% said he did better than expected

62% said he did about as expected

13% said he did worse than expected

The issue with this last question is that "than expected" was not defined.

Still with Gallup:

A Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans (59%) disapproving of the government loans made to the GM and Chrysler last year.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans say they would only consider buying a car from an American company when making a new-car purchase.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 72%, say Congress should not authorize the additional $21 billion in federal loans to auto companies.

Whatever else the polls are saying to us, one thing is clear: the "honeymoon" is not over and Obamamania still runs pretty well rampant in the United States right now.


When the policies President BO has and will implement begin to touch people where they live (as few of them have yet), they will begin to realize the ill effects of them and will finally start to lay the blame where it belongs.

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