Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Z said...

I saw this tonight on FOX, Joe and I'm so glad you blogged it here...they showed several Bush entrances and some of the press even started to get up and then realized all weren't so they sat back down.
Obama walks in and everyone pops up like he's a hero. And, they have to be told to SIT DOWN.
Doesn't it make you grit your teeth? I kept wondering, as I saw Bush, if he realized that they weren't standing.....how that felt.

And, of course, obama knows it's all about HIM because most of the press hasn't the class to stand for THE OFFICE. Darn them all

Lone Ranger said...

Mark Knoller of CBS News explains it like this. Yeah, I believe him.

Joe said...

Z: CBS's Mark Knoller tried to make a case revolving around the number of steps from the office to the press or briefing room, not thinking that his phoney "facts" would be checked and found to be wrong. MSM...sigh!

LR: Thanks. I read and commented on his silly "explanation." Knoller covers up his lieing face with much hair.

Lone Ranger said...

In broadcasting, we have a name for guys like Knoller -- a face for radio.