Saturday, May 16, 2009


President BO does not understand what the United States of America is, why it is what it is and where we need to go as a nation.

He speaks fluently, clearly, somewhat eloquently and sometimes even humorously, as long as he has his trusty Teleprompter in front of him.

Yet he is taking us down paths we dare not tread, all the while moving us closer and closer to becoming a government run society.

(Yes, I know this trend has been going on for decades, ever since and even before FDR.)

His ideas are so wacky, although I think he really believes in them.

Let’s take a recent example.

Trinity Structural Towers Manufacturing Plant, Newton, Iowa

"My budget also invests $15 billion each year for 10 years to develop clean energy including wind power and solar power, geothermal energy and clean coal technology.

"And today I'm announcing that my administration is taking another historic step.

"Through the Department of Interior, we are establishing a program to authorize -- for the very first time -- the leasing of federal waters for projects to generate electricity from wind as well as from ocean currents and other renewable sources. And this will open the door to major investments in offshore clean energy. For example, there is enormous interest in wind projects off the coasts of New Jersey and Delaware, and today's announcement will enable these projects to move forward.

"It's estimated that if we fully pursue our potential for wind energy on land and offshore, wind can generate as much as 20 percent of our electricity by 2030 and create a quarter-million jobs in the process -- 250,000 jobs in the process, jobs that pay well and provide good benefits. It's a win-win: It's good for the environment; it's great for the economy."

One of the models President BO uses to justify this plan is the system of "green" jobs established by Spain.

So how’s that working for them?

According to a study from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain, for every "green" job created trying to generate energy from windmills and solar panels, 2.2 jobs were lost.

Now I’m no math whiz, having only studied arithmetic, algebra 1 & 2; solid and plane geometry and trigonometry, but even I can see that Spain’s model is a losing situation.

So, for every 250,000 jobs that are created in green energy, 550,000 jobs are being lost.

Now, which is larger: 550,000 or 250,000? (Hint: 550,000 is 300,000 larger than 250,000)

Do you think we need to lose an additional 300,000 jobs in the name of "clean" energy?

Would you rather our country emulate a successful energy model or a failing one?

Look, I favor green energy.

I think we should have cars that don’t pollute, factories that don’t poison the air around us and airplanes that don’t run on fossil fuels.

But we aren’t there. We don’t know how to do it.

Besides, the same people who object to having oil wells in their personal scenery will object to fields of windmills…ugly at best…and will sue to keep them out or to have them removed.

Have you seen solar powered airplanes?

They are light, flimsy, and have a payload of a skinny man and one fruit fly.

Today’s electric cars, including hybrids, require a greater "carbon footprint" to produce, counting the manufacturing of batteries and materials, than my old 1995 Saturn SL 2 does to keep running.

I favor the development of hydrogen fuel cells, since hydrogen is the most abundant element in our universe.

But we don’t yet know how to effectively or economically produce it or distribute it.

Maybe nuclear energy is in our future.

One of our aircraft carriers runs safely on it and is expected to do so for years without refueling.

Maybe "cold fusion" will come along. What a change that would make in everything!

Actually, I have no objection to "going green," but we’re looking at 75-100 years, not ten or twenty.

In the mean time, President BO seems perfectly willing to further bankrupt us on this wild, breakneck plunge into economic oblivion.

May God help us, before it is too late.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Hey, great minds think alike.

Obama's certainly not a dumb guy, but he sure is acting like it.

Joe said...

PCC: So, did I copy you or did you copy me?

When two great minds think as alike as we do, and the facts are the facts, we gotta be right.

The Merry Widow said...

Who says obama is smart? Where are his grades from college? Where are his scholarly writigs for the Harvard Law Review? He was the editor, and he was the first to write NOTHING for it.

I figure that obama is a figurehead, the real business is taking place elsewhere, and he is just doing what he is told.

As for destroying this country, that's at the top of his "to-do" list...he's just moving more quickly than most would have imagined.
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


Joe said...

The Merry Widow: Well, let me put it this way, when on the prompter, President BO is, for the most part, gramatically pure and fairly eloquent...which requires a degree of smartness.

I'm not sure he thinks what he is doing is destroying the country, I think it is in keeping with what he believes the country SHOULD be, because he does not like what it has been for 233 years.

shoprat said...

Obama is a puppet, it doesn't matter if he's smart or not.

Mark said...

Here's another statistic to add:

Only 1 in 10 of the green jobs Obama wants to create are permanent jobs.

In other words, 9 out of 10 green jobs are temporary. In the meantime, as you said, 2.2 regular jobs are lost for every one green job.

On Obama's teleprompter, did you see my little poem I wrote about that?

A teleprompter called TOTUS
Was relied upon often by POTUS
When it got in the way
Obama did say,
"Can we move this when we take the PHOTUS?"

Sorry, but I am quite proud of myself. ;)

Joe said...

shoprat: If President BO is a puppet, who is pulling his strings?

Mark: Well, I'm proud of you, too.

The Merry Widow said...

Joe-I'd say that george soros is the obvious puppet-master...but there are more behind him.

And no, I'm NOT a conspiracy nut...but obama has too many unanswered questions, and too much unknown about his past.

That one makes me search Scripture...he's too much an antichrist wannabe, IMHO. And his narcisstic personality disorder should be worrisome to those who love this country!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!