Friday, January 13, 2017

Wait! Can't I Make You Answer My Question?

You can see the whole video HERE.

CNN and other members of the Main Stream Media just can't understand why whoever is at the podium should not absolutely have to recognize them and answer whatever "pointed" question they may have.

For years the MSM has forsaken journalism for ideology and called it "news" and/or "journalism." But what they have done is neither.

Here's the way it has been working:

When a liberal is interviewed by MSM, he/she is usually given softball questions. When the question is something of controversy, the question is phrased in such a way as to invite the one being interviewed to answer in a way that is either a side-step or an answer to a question not asked. Then, whatever the answer, the interviewee goes unchallenged or is asked in a benign way to "clarify." The "clarification" is never questioned.

On the other hand, when a conservative is interviewed by MSM, he'she is given questions that ask for a liberal answer. If one is not forthcoming, the interviewer challenges the interviewee over and over, asking the question several different ways and not being satisfied with any answer the conservative gives.

That all happens because of a hard-core bias of the individual members of the MSM.

It is a bit meaningless to attack MSM as though it exists as a sort of organism. MSM is made up of individuals. Each of its members have been taught to "report" a certain way or have "learned" over time to write from a certain perspective. However, since through the hiring process, those with ideologies that do not fit the editor/owners' points of view are culled out of the recruitment process, the result is a sort of collective that behaves like a single organism.

It is the bent of individual members of MSM to present a leftist perspective, even if it means being inconsistent. That is either how they have been taught or else it is what their editors or owners require.

I once applied for a job with a newspaper known for liberal leanings. As a part of the application, I was given a topic on which to write an article. The article I wrote had a subtle, but discernible, hint of conservatism. When I went for the live interview I was told that my "approach" to the subject was not in keeping with the "approach" that this publication preferred. When I pressed a bit, the interviewer told me that my article was "...a little outside of the views of our newspaper."

At any rate, the result of years of developing leftist perspectives has left self-proclaimed journalists with a bias that is decidedly left leaning and with a sense of power that exceeds the limits of what true journalism is or should be.

With the election of Donald Trump, reporters are going to find themselves in a quandary. Those who have been used to being able to bend the "news" to fit their narrative might well find themselves left out of the press-corps loop.

For many years we have been in a "we have the right to insist that you answer questions they way we want them answered" mode.

With the advent of Donald Trump, hopefully, those days are gone forever. Or at least for a while.

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