Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Touchy Feely

You see, here's the thing: Liberals are all about, and only about, emotion.

With liberals it's never "I think...", it's always, "I feel..."

It's never about process, it's all about intent.

Whatever the end result desired, the way there doesn't matter.

Think back to when President BO (the amateur president) was elected the first time. Did you see unending videos of Republicans crying, bawling, stomping their feet, rioting, looting, burning and destroying others' property?

What about the second time he was elected? Then?

No. You saw self-evaluation and determination to find out how to do better next time.

After the first election of President BO (tap), conservatives did not learn their lesson. He got re-elected.

But conservatives kept evaluating and reassessing.

And look what happened.

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