Monday, January 2, 2017

Meet the Face of the Nation's Press

On January 1, 2017 I watched two "Sunday News" programs, Meet the Press and Face the Nation. They were very different in some ways, yet the same in others.

Meet the Press tried to be optimistic, Face the Nation decidedly pessimistic because of Donald Trump.

According to Face the Nation, Trump is the reason the press had such a hard time during the election. His candor, shooting from the hip and attacks on the press were the reason they "lost credibility" in the eyes of the nation. The press tried so hard to be "objective" by pointing out Trump's shortcomings, Trump's hostility toward them and Trump's understanding of the nature and frustration of the American people. They went so far as to point out their failure to demonstrate Trump's bent toward corruption.

Not a word, though, from Face the Nation about their failure to see the American People's perception of the rampant corruption in the Hillary Clinton camp. Not a word about her scandals, past and/or present. She had "difficulties" because of what others did to her, but she, herself, was, in the eyes of Face the Nation, above reproach.

To Face the Nation, everything that has led to Donald Trump's victory favors Democrats for the next election. ???

Meet the Press, though, tried to show an optimistic face. They resolved to keep a close eye on President Donald Trump, in order to make certain that he did everything right. They missed so many signals about Trump's real position in the race for the presidency. They pledged not to miss that many in the future.

Not a word, though, from Meet the Press about their constant praise for Hillary Clinton, her life, her history and/or her "high qualifications" to be the next president. Not a word about her scandals, past and/or present.

According to both Meet the Press and Face the Nation, listeners, in general, were unfair to the media, who were only "trying to do their job'" (ostensibly journalism).

MSM's failure to cover certain aspects of Hillary Clinton's life and/or campaign so frustrated viewers, listeners and readers so much that it gave rise to so-called Fake News.

Fake News is called fake news because it was not propagated by Main Stream Media, therefore must not be real...false logic if there ever was any.

Now, the so-called Fake News, did (and does) extend itself into many nefarious areas. There were plenty of "conspiracy" theories, exaggerations, made up stuff and just plain lies rampant in Fake News. But there was also a LOT of factual material that was just totally ignored by MSM. They didn't want to hear it and they refused to report it.

The American press still doesn't get who Americans are. They think they are the celebrities, the rich and powerful, and most significantly, the press itself. Most Americans are not any of those things, and do not strive to be.

Both Meet the Press and Face the Nation made fools of themselves, Sunday. They don't know it, and they are bound to repeat it.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Perfect examples as to why the media has no credibility.

Joe said...

They don't even seem to realize it.