Saturday, November 12, 2016

So, Donald Trump is our president-elect. I voted for him, not at all certain that he was a good choice. But for me, he was the only choice, as Hillary Clinton was not an option.

I saw this election as a choice between a sometimes crude, sometimes politically incorrect, sometimes mouthy blustering CEO and an unindicted felon. I chose the former.

But there were policy reasons I voted for Trump, too. His stance on ObamaCare was my top priority. Illegal immigration was next, followed by taxes, the economy and world trade.

Trump got my vote because he said he would tackle each of those issues quickly and decisively. He said he would work with Congress to get those issues handled effectively and efficiently. I believed him. Blinders on or not, I believed him.

I was as tired of the stupid establishment elitists as anybody, and believed Donald Trump might just be able to overthrow many of them and would at least minimize their impact on the country.

When President BO was elected, I opposed him. I attacked his policies as hard as I could because I thought them to be very bad for our country. I have been proven right on  every issue, as far as President BO is concerned.

I intend to hold President Donald Trump's feet to the fire. If he does not make a significant effort to intact the planks of his platform, I will just as quickly castigate him as I did President BO.

I am an equal opportunity castigator.

Already I have heard president-elect Donald Trump seem to waver on one of his platform planks. When he left his meeting with President BO, he seemed to say that he might not totally replace ObamaCare, but might keep some of it.

Not on my watch, President-Elect Trump! If you waffle on ObamaCare, you will be no better than those establishment elitists. They were voted in to do a particular job and they, almost to a man, did not do it. Don't do it, President-Elect Trump! You gained my vote because of your promise to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with health insurance that would be competitive and would be sold across state lines.

That's what I expect you to do. If you do not, you will incur my ire, something that I am certain has you trembling in your boots.

Come on, man! Be who you said you were and do what you said you would do.

America is counting on you!

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Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I didn't want Trump, but like you I saw him as the only way out of the mess. I voted for an administration, not just for the President. A socialist horror like we've lived under for 8 years needs to be replaced.