Saturday, November 19, 2016

He's Building His Cabinet - a hodgepodge of thoughts

So, President-elect Donald Trump is building his cabinet. "Controversial" says the Main-Stream Media.

Uh, controversial to whom?

I seem to remember controversy about President BO (the amateur president)'s cabinet. But the controversy was largely ignored by MSM.

Why can they not bring themselves to report news in a balanced fashion? What sinister force causes them to be so heavily biased to the left? Why can't they even admit it about themselves?

Reporting the news is supposed to be about what's going on; all of what is going on. Now days, news and editorial have become so emulsified that it is hard to tell the difference.

There is no reason I can think of why any opinion columnist should not be able to express him/herself in any way he/she chooses, but news journalism should be something else altogether. It should tell a story using the facts of what actually took place. News journalists should avoid telling one story more than another because of the political implications of one or the other.

As Trump builds his cabinet, journalists should report who he is selecting, researching and presenting their background and whatever qualifications they have. They should  leave their opinions on their editorial door-step, saving them for the opinion page.

Guess what. One side lost the election. One side won. Donald Trump will be our next president, protests and riots notwithstanding. Live with it.

Goodness knows we on the right side of the political spectrum had to live through the atrocities of the one you guys elected.

Get over it! Opine all you want to, but as one very liberal blogger once commented on this blog, "...he is our president and we should all get behind him." Of course she was speaking of President BO (the amateur president). Now the shoe is on her other foot and her demeanor has changed.

Trumps "in-your-face" selections for his cabinet represent very well the, "we've had enough of the establishment government" group. We're ready for real change and real hope for liberty and freedom.

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