Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Letter Writer Gets It Right - Common Core Gets It Wrong


sue hanes said...

Joe - I prefer the old fashioned way.

Lisa said...

vote against Common Core Nov 4

Joe said...

sh: Me, too.

Lisa: I already did (by mail)

Fredd said...

It's not just Common Core that undermines public education. It's liberal teacher's unions, liberal teachers and liberal school administrators, all of whom feather bed and pad their gigs on the public dime. And all of them have been doing this for 60 years.

When I went to elementary school in 1961, our public school had a principal, two administrators, two janitors and twelve teachers for grades K - 6.

My daughter's elementary school in 2012 had a principal, two vice principals, 10 administrators, 12 cafeteria workers, a school nurse, an assistant nurse, a school counselor, an assistant school counselor, 30 bus drivers, a bus dispatcher, and a security staff of three and a janitorial staff of 6.

For grades K - 5.

Common Core is not the problem. Liberalism is the problem.