Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Answer to Ebola

It is not that hard. First lead the U.N. to outlaw border restrictions world-wide. Then just divide the people with active Ebola into enough groups to send them to every country.

Eventually, millions of people will get the disease. Most will die. Some will develop immune systems capable of fighting off the disease.

Voila! Many problems solved. Ebola will disappear, the population will be reduced, the effect of humans on climate change will be mitigated, there will be plenty of food to feed everybody and there will be no housing shortage.

Maybe you can think of some other benefits of this course of action.

It's just common sense.

Isn't it?


sue hanes said...

Joe - What you say is true but that's not the way things work.
We don't want millions to die from Ebola. Don't say that tnat is the natural way it should be.

Fredd said...


You simply can't be this obtuse, Sue. Joe was obviously writing satirically, and this is obvious to everyone who reads it: except you.

And besides, what Joe wrote is demonstrably NOT true, as it is satire.


Joe said...

SH: Really

Fredd: It's unbelievable, isn't it?

Melissa A Conservative Patriot Searching for Truth said...

Our “president” is a total idiot. sending our troops to Africa to this disease infested country is totally insane, This is unconscionable, putting these young men and risk of catching this hideous disease to keep Africa, and the PC liberal crowd of America happy.
Our country grows dumber and more gullible with each day. that passes.. He is such a dumb ass

Fredd said...

Joe: I am somewhat taken aback by some of the low info types that stop by your site. SH is one of the nicer liberals, but after reading her thick comment, I have to wonder about the merits of anything else she believes.

Actually, that is not entirely true, either. I wonder about the merits of anything that ANY liberal believes, regardless of having read that obtuse comment by SH.

Joe said...

Melissa A Conservative Patriot Searching for Truth: As I have said so many times, President BO is either a rank amateur or a diabolical, dictatorial, treasonous tyrant.

Fredd: I call sh my favorite liberal. I've even accused her of being nice, but she didn't like that (which is in-and-of itself a liberal response).

Lisa said...

Joe the ACA might just give us the same outcome......eventually

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Have you seen this about ebola?

Joe said...

Lisa: Probably

GEC: That's both strange and dangerous.