Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dumb and Dumber Rolled into One

So who creates jobs? All of my jobs have been from companies.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

This woman is downright STUPID!!! Typical Leftist drivel.

Fredd said...

Hillary Clinton is a lying scumbag. Her credibility is nonexistent. She has been lying ever since she was in kindergarten. Or even before that.

Lies about the Rose Law firm records. Lies about Whitewater. Lies about the Travel office firings. Lies about Vince Foster. Lies about cattle futures. Lies about bimbo eruptions. Lies about Vast Right Wing Conspiracies, lies about dodging bullets in Kosovo, lies about being a life long Yankee fan. Lies about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was a nobody when she was born. Lies about Benghazi.

And these lies are just off the top of my head, no Google search involved.

She is a lying sack of garbage, and always will be.

And now she wants us all to believe that trickle down economics is, as George H. W. Bush also believes, 'voodoo' and has spectacularly and demonstrably failed.

Supply side economics, or 'trickle down' economics is what Western Civilization has been built on. Who do you want to believe: your lying eyes, or a woman who has never told the truth to anyone as long as she has been alive?

Joe said...

GEC: I cannot believe so many people are taken in by her. How can they be so utterly blind?

Fredd: What's Voodoo is the magic the left wants to use to change what was into what they think it should/will be.

Rusty Old Caddy said...

The Old Wicked One of the progressive's wont be needing a Halloween Custom.

She will be coming out as she is.

Joe said...

Anonymous Rusty Old Caddy: "...Custom."

I'm thinking you meant "costume".