Monday, October 20, 2014

No Rush---Take Your Time

The Face of Competence
We are saved! President BO (the amateur president) had appointed Ron Klain as the new Ebola Czar. He chose to appoint a political hack to that position so he could control what is and is not done. WOW! We are in good shape now? He picked a man who "knows how to organize and get hings done promptly." 

To get off to a really good start, PBO (tap) held a meeting. His purpose was to bring everybody up to speed as to how to respond to the Ebola crisis. Ron Klain didn't show up for the meeting. There is talk from the administration that he might not actually take office for a month or two. 

But no worries. Ebola isn't really that bad. An epidemic can't happen. In fact, as PBO (tap) told us, it is unlikely that Ebola will even make it to the U.S., and if it does, we know how to contain it and no one else is in danger of contracting it.

Besides, with the possibility of only a little over 2,000,000 cases after 30 transmissions of the virus, who is worried? Certainly not the administration.

Certainly not Ron Klain.


sue hanes said...

Joe - Ron Klain had better get in gear and do something to stop Ebola in this country. It can happen here and it can spread and become an epidemic.

Fredd said...

I'm certainly going to sleep like a baby tonight, knowing that a political hack is in charge of ebola.

Now Obama needs to move on to other out of control problems, and appoint a czar to keep a lid on Joe Biden gaffes.

Maybe he can double dip and give Ron Klain that gig, too.

Joe said...

sh: Yes, it can.

Fredd: The is no lid big enough for Joe Biden. I can imagine Klain doing as good a job with Ebola as PBO (tap) has done with health care, the economy, the military, school lunches (OK---that was Michele. Same thing), the Middle East and everything else he touches.

Fredd said...

Yes, ol' Barry seems to have the opposite of the Midas Touch. Everything he gets involved with, or Michelle gets involved with, turns to poo.