Friday, January 10, 2014


Judge Judy often notes that when something does not make sense it usually is not true.

The other day I was mad at President BO (the amateur president) because of ObamaCare. So I said to myself, "Self! What can I do to get even with PBO(tap). Let me think. I know! I'll stop some traffic!"

Once, when a guy bopped me on the head, I was angry and wanted to get even with him. "You know," I said, "That was so mean I think I'll go stop some traffic. That'll show him."

In fact, any time someone does something I don't like, the first thing that comes to my mind is to go find some traffic to stop.


So there's this Democrat who won't support Chris Christie and a person on his staff says, "I'll show him. I'll just go out and stop some traffic!"

Take my word for it. Something is missing. Something does not make sense. 

Never mind that the media is trying its best to make this stupid, minor incident into a major scandal of Watergate proportions. Never mind that the media virtually ignores IRS, NSA, Benghazi, etc., etc., and etc. Never mind that the head of the Democrat National Committee says this "scandal" is more important than the "imitation" scandals besetting President BO (the amateur president).

Something does not make sense here. Something is not true.


sue hanes said...

Joe - The media can dwell on the strangest things and ignore the really important stories. Cnn is guilty of that too.

Duckys here said...

Let's review how the media ignored Benghazi, Joe.

First 60 Minutes broadcasts a completely false story in an attempt to discredit the administration.
Then the New York Times publishes an in depth article that largely supports the administration's position.
There was no shortage of coverage.

The IRS scandal was no scandal at all. Lobbying groups were attempting to receive unwarranted tax exemption. Some were left oriented, some right.
The right wing organizations investigated exceeded the left only because so many more right wing groups attempted the scam.
No scandal.

Now, are you familiar with the GW bridge? The bridge with the most traffic in the world.
Do you have any idea what chaos it causes in Fort Lee to hut down two lanes?
I can't think of an easier way to send a message of political power.

The proof is ample. Are you defending Christie? I figured you would be happy the RINO got nailed and the skids are greased for Cruz or a similar mouth breather.

Duckys here said...

Give this a read, Joe

Right-Winger said...

I like Christie., compared to a Hillary Clinton or a Barack Obama, he would be MY choice. As for the press conference yesterday, I think that Christie handled it very well. In spite of the media’s intentions to rip him apart. As for now, nobody really knows if Christie really knew about this thing or not.
But lets face it guys, eating our own is not a good strategy. The enemy (Progressives) loves it when opposing factions divide and begins to fight among themselves.
The media goes ape over a traffic jam, yet how to they react to things like a dead Ambassador and three others in Benghazi, the IRS going after Obama?s political opponents.
As for me. I am really hoping and looking forward to the next President of the US NOT being a narcicist, arrogant, pompous, talkative, bombastic, boastful; LIAR not someone who loves the sounds of his/her voice, like the Schmuck we have in office now or the Butcher of Benghazi!.
As for Christie, I’m not worried about him, he can handle the press, and he can take the heat. And he’s one of our owns so I’m not going to come out and destroy him. The Libs will do a good enough job doing that, no matter if he’s guilty or not

Joe said...

sh: I have listened to and read the stuff from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX NEWS. FOX NEWS has come closer to paying equal attention to each than any other newsgroup. They have not adopted the left side, but they have allowed it to be heard. The others have not been as kind to the right. I don't expect them to adopt the right's POV, but I do expect them to present it in a balanced offering. They don't.

Ducky, Ducky, Ducky: Get your facts in order. The media has already spent 17 times more time covering "Bridge Gate" than they did Benghazi, IRS and NSA ALL TOGETHER!!!

Pay attention, man. You are slipping!

RW: Almost anybody is better than Clinton. Almost.

Joe said...

Tewall: Somebody tell me what I am missing. Is messing up traffic the first thing that pops into your mind when you want to get even with someone or make them look bad?

Lone Ranger said...

You have to start thinking like a woman, Joe, since that's who did it. Then, it becomes clear.

Unknown said...

Let's assume for the moment that Gov. Christie shut down two lanes of traffic on one bridge on one highway to strike back at a political foe.

How much did that cost the American taxpayer and why should we care?

The House Republicans shut down THE ENTIRE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and cost the American taxpayer $26 BILLION DOLLARS!

Not to mention the loss of credibility on the global stage that we are a mature nation who can be trusted to manage our own affairs in an adult and responsible manner.

Republicans have continually and consistently proved that they lack the intellect, maturity and basic skills to be trusted in leadership positions.

They should be banned from the ballot as incapable of holding office.

Lone Ranger said...

The entire government was shut down according to a law that was signed by Obama.

Despite the Obama administration's predictions of doom, I don't personally know of anyone who was affected by the shutdown, except for those who were the object of Obama's childish response.

Actually, with the lighter traffic in DC, I found my commute much more pleasant.

One reason for the cost was that government employees were paid their salaries retroactively, in effect paid for not working. And those who were not laid off received comp time for the days the government was shut down.

Another reason for the cost of the shutdown is the immature reaction by Obama to make it as "painful as possible," fencing off open-air areas, posting guards to keep people away, etc.

And let's not forget the cause of the shutdown -- the democrats' absolute refusal to do their constitutional duty and pass a budget.

Xavier Onassis said...

Tonto's Catcher - "And let's not forget the cause of the shutdown -- the democrats' absolute refusal to do their constitutional duty and pass a budget."

You have absolutely no idea how the federal government actually works.

"Passing a budget" is absolutely meaningless. A "budget", passed by either side, is nothing more than a Mission Statement. It is what they aspire to. But it has no force of law and it allocates no funds.

Let me educate you.

The decisions that allow the government to allocate federal funds are made through Bills passed by Congress and signed by the President.

These Bills are not constrained by the "Budgets" passed by either side.

They are not constrained by anything other than the votes For, or Against.

The Federal Debt Limit is the cap on the amount that the federal government is allowed to borrow to pay for the bills they have already incurred.

It was the completely self serving grandstanding over the Debt Limit by Ted Cruz and the Tea Bagging idiots in Congress that caused the shutdown.

Authorizing spending by passing legislation and then refusing to raise the Debt Limit to pay for it is EXACTLY like going to a restaurant, ordering the most expensive items on the menu and then trying to skip out the door without paying for the meal.