Thursday, January 2, 2014



Xavier Onassis said...

This is freaking hilarious! The same people who want us to clamp down with an Iron Fist on border security to prevent illegal brown people from coming here and taking jobs one...are floating these videos under the premise that anyone WITHOUT dark skin or WITHOUT an accent but WITH an arrogant attitude towards public servants should be allowed to cross whatever border they want, unquestioned, unmolested and unsearched because they claim to be an American.

Hypocritical idiots! Typical Right Wing, Libertarian crap.

Joe said...

XO: Of course his point is that Americans should be able to freely travel around the country, as they historically had been able to, and that they can't be searched without a specific cause.

Liberals don't get that because they don't understand the concept of principle and they don't understand the concepts of freedom and liberty.