Monday, January 13, 2014


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The Screaming Eagle said...

The fact that anyone would even attempt to equate the two shows that these liberals are disingenuous brain dead fools.

Lets see now, Benghazi was the result of incompetence, lying, and political maneuvering by Barack Obama, and his lying stooge Hillary Clinton.

No one died because of a traffic jam on the bridge, and it was made very clear that the one death was not due to the traffic stoppage, even the family andrelatives of the deceased have confirmed that.

Chris Christie did not lie for a month about it or blame it on a video

Christie fired all of those who were responsible immediately, Obama fired NO ONE.

Sorry, libs, but it just isn’t going yo fly!.

Bat Masterson said...

Beware: I am a domestic terrorist(by definition of government bureaucrats)
I love America, the constitution & the flag
I hate the liberal & socialist agenda
I am vocal about corruption & treason
I want real Americans to wake up
I own guns and ammo (uh-oh!)

Duckys here said...

@BM -- I own guns and ammo (uh-oh!)

Don't off the family when you lose your job.

Xavier Onassis said...

I think "Bridgegate" is silly. I'm not even that concerned with the most recent accusation that Christie may have used federal relief funds from Superstorm Sandy to pay for a tourism ad featuring him and his family.

The Dems aren't the ones chasing this down. We are just standing by watching as, once again, the GOP feed on themselves.

The people out to crucify Christie are the partisan hacks in Christie's own party who CANNOT STAND the fact that he embraced President Obama and praised him for his quick response and assistance after Superstorm Sandy.

They blame Christie for Obama's reelection. This is his payback.

Make no mistake about is the GOP who is behind this kerfuffle, not the Dems.

All y'all just go right ahead on feed on your own entrails while we sit back and watch.

Hillary/Warren in 2016!

Duckys here said...

The zoo monkeys are rubbing poo in their hair again?

Let's see who makes his move, Jindal, Cruz, Rubio?

Maybe a moderate crusader like Jeb Bush rises.

Any way you look at it, XO, they have to raid the clown bus.

moonbat spanker said...

Liberal Emperor's Uncle Stinky Makes The News Again.
Barry 0bama's uncle Stinky got lucky again. This past month, the INS judge has given 0nyango 0bama a pass for "good behavior" and the path for citizenship.
So now, Uncle Stinky gets to keep hanging around the liquor stores in Framingham Massachusetts and his favorite diner "The Chicken Bones, Pigs Feet, and Watermelon" blue plate Special.
Word is out that Uncle Stinky has asked Hos Holiness Emperor Obama for a position in the administration. I say Why Not? He’d fit in perfectly

Hildergarde Hammhocker said...

The Butcher of Benghazi aka the Pig in a Pant Suit, needs to be more than just Cited.she needs to be Indited, tried, and convicted! That would be more fitting. I still see her and her boss aka the Lair in Chief acting all sad and somber when the 4 dead Americans were returned home in their caskets . For that lie alone she should never show her face in public again, especially as our President... God Forbid! .