Friday, July 26, 2013


When you look at the evidence and testimony at the actual trial (not the trial by President Obama or the MSM), you realize that this case should not have been brought to trial in the first place.

Emotions aside, the actual evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor in this incident. A jury approved by both the defense attorneys and the prosecutor acquitted Zimmerman. That should have been the end of it.

But the left loves to promulgate racism. They are at the least race hustlers and at the worse, racists. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson flail about with their racist proclamations while people demand the death of George Zimmerman. MSNBC works closely with Sharpton, Jackson and others to make certain the racist left fans the flames of unrest.

Some leftists use words like “wannabe cop” and “vigilante” to describe Zimmerman. All the while, they ignore the actual evidence of the violent troubled past of Martin. Convenient. They have gone so far as to include Zimmerman’s home address with a photo of someone posing with a semi-automatic rifle and the caption “Zimmerman we comin for yo life….” I have noticed that the so-called anti-gun Justice Department has not announced any investigations into these comments, the legality of the gun, or the seriousness of the death threats.

Even before the trial, President BO (the amateur president) sided with Martin, pointing out that he could have been his own son.

After the trial, President BO (the amateur president) should have reminded Americans that we have a jury system that had done its job, that the prosecution put forth its best case and could not prove Zimmerman’s guilt. Proving guilt is the basis of our judicial system. One is not guilty under the law unless he can be proven guilty.

We now know that Zimmerman was not guilty of manslaughter, because the jury said so. In our system, that’s the way it works. Zimmerman was not guilty of anything until a jury said he was, and no jury said that.

President BO (the amateur president) followed the trial with a speech in which he made no mention of the stress of the Zimmerman family through all of this. Instead, he fanned the race flames by saying, “…(the) outcome and the aftermath might have been different” if Martin were a “…white male teen.” That, my ignorant liberal friends, is racist.

In his July 19th speech, President BO (the amateur president) said the attack on Trayvon Martin was like a personal attack on himself. He said, “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” Now I’m not certain whether he was admitting to having been of the same character as Trayvon Martin or was just an attempt to enrage the left to the level of violence and threats of death. Either way, it was a very amateurish, stupid thing to say.

Not being satisfied with omission and racism, President BO (the amateur president) went on to accuse the Sanford Police Department of “racial bias.” He said that they did not perform their job in a “fair, straightforward way.”

The sad thing is, there are hundreds of things President BO (the amateur president) could have said to lessen the racial tension. But he didn't say any of them. He chose the low road, the road to political profitability. He keeps portraying himself as the poor, hard-done-to black man.

The real racists in this country are liberals, the liberal MSM and our fearless leader, President BO (the amateur president).


A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Obama: 'Phony scandals' effort 'needs to stop'
By Thomas Lifson
July 25, 2013

Barack Obama is pitching the line that the scandals engulfing his administration are "phony" and is blaming the Republicans for preventing economic progress by seeking to uncover the truth about Benghazi, the IRS and other matters. In very long, very stale speech kicking off his latest campaign rally-like tour in Galesburg, Illinois, he said: (White House transcript)

"But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. And I am here to say this needs to stop. (Applause.) This needs to stop."

This contradicts his earlier promises to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, but the president has moved into the realm of postmodernism where truth is optional, and all that matters is a narrative. His narrative is now set, and we can expect future speeches to mock the Republicans with the trademark sarcastic condescension that marks his humor when turned on his political enemies. Going on the offense, attacking the truth-seekers is a classic defense when you have no case

Spying on citizens is "Phony"
What a freaken Dick-tater

Anonymous said...

If Blacks realized that welfare, food stamps and other "freebies" were keeping them under the government's thumb (slaves to government rules and regulations) and truly still in poverty - maybe they would reverse course. In reality they are kept in poorly maintained and unsafe government housing, attend the bottom of the barrel schools, eat food that's not good, i.e., high in carbohydrates and bad cholesterol stuff, and they have parents who can't help them achieve because they themselves grew up under the same conditions.

Yes, they do fall prey to all the promises of great freebies coming their way - so yes they are going to vote for the people who make these promises. They don't realize that nothing is free - everything comes at a price. Taxpayers pay the price in higher taxes and the poor pay the price of continued slavery and poverty with no way out.

sue hanes said...

Joe - You are right when you said at the beginning of this post that the verdict by the jury should have been the end of it. Why else do we have our system of justice.

I see nothing wrong with some peaceful protest and frankly I saw nothing wrong with President Obama's
short speech. But other than that I think it should be over now.

No use beating a dead horse.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Obama is a racist, pure and simple. HE spent 20 years under the teaching of a "pastor" who was an ardent racist. Birds of a feather....

Gargantua said...

Fascist Community Organizers love to take credit for others' accomplishments, as seen in O'Bunga's laughable "You Didn't Build That" screed. These Progressives are in fact such small individuals that they are pretty much forced to stand upon the shoulders of others so they can call themselves "tall."

Never having accomplished anything worth a dime, all they do is either rearrange what is already there, do nothing more than take credit for what was already done, or destroy whatever it is they find. That's what O'Bunga does..

Publius said...

What the press has done with this Zimmerman Juror, as well as with the entire case is deplorable.

The pictures they've shown of Trayvon are years old...and they've kept the secret behind the combination of products he was buying that night.

We are supposed to have a jury of our peers, not a bunch of closed-minded prejudiced racist creeps deciding our fate because of racial differences, and without any evidence.
Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea, Robitussin = ‘Drank’ Or ‘Lean’

People who use this regularly experience some pretty nasty side affects...

Paranoia and they tend to be prone to physical violence.

The dunce of a juror who made those ridiculous comments today ain't the brightest bulb in the pack.
And by the way, Shaw if you are reading this, I just wanted to say that we have heard liberalism (aka Democrat-ism) described as a mental illness. one only has to read your blog or comments to prove this observation.

You are a very stupid women. Either that or a mentally sick one.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I'm a liberal and I'm not a racist. President BO is not a racist. He's just trying to stand up for his race. At least half of it.

Now that he doesn't have to worry about reelection - he doesn't have to concern himself about what he says. We will probably be seeing more of this type of thing from him.

Lone Ranger said...

Remember when 17-year-olds were referred to as, "young adults?" Apparently that is out the window now, since Trayvon was regularly called, "a child." So, this tall toddler, this snowflake, this baby boy was viciously gunned down by a "white Hispanic," who was out trolling for people of color - or more color than he had. How stupid are liberals, both to swallow this stuff and to believe other people will?

Unknown said...

Tonto's Catcher - How would you characterize a guy with no law enforcement credentials, who patrolled a neighborhood that he didn't even live in, packing a loaded gun, who chose to follow and harass someone just because they were wearing a hoodie, and who disregarded the direct orders of the police to back off and disengage?

Sounds to me like he was looking for trouble and itching for a fight.

I guess he got what he was looking for. He got to kill somebody. That can fuel his erotic wet dreams for the rest of his life.

Every Concealed Carry weapon toter hopes and prays, every single day, that they will have an excuse to draw that weapon and drop an "evil doer".

It is a sick, sick fetish and those people usually have a history of being beat up and bullied as a child.

There is nothing in this world they want more than to be able to whip out that weapon, kill another human being, and walk away without fear of prosecution.

That's how they get off.

Lone Ranger said...

Police didn't "order" anything. The 911 operator advised him not to engage. You don't know spit about being a concealed weapon carrier. I do, since I am one. And how would you characterize people, like Obama, who ignore dozens and dozens of killings by blacks on blacks? Race hustlers? Hypocrites? Heartless politicos who never let a good crisis go to waste? Where was all your outrage when O.J. was let free?

Unknown said...

Tonto's Catcher - I was absolutely OUTRAGED at the OJ verdict. He was a stone cold murderer who got off scott free with a jury verdict.

Which is my point.

The jury system isn't infallible.

It failed Justice in the OJ case and it failed Justice in the Trayvon Martin case.

And while we're on the subject of you being a CCW holder...hmmm.

You're screen name is "Lone Ranger", but your avatar is a version of the Lone Ranger that is wearing a black mask typically worn by criminals.

You are absolutely ITCHING to pull that trigger finger, aren't you? C'mon, admit it. We're all friends here. There is nothing in this world that would peel your potato like being able to pump a few slugs into some "thug".

You know you want it.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Cowardly to hide your identity as you troll the internet.

Every Concealed Carry weapon toter hopes and prays, every single day, that they will have an excuse to draw that weapon and drop an "evil doer".

That is about as stupid and ignorant of a statement I've ever seen. I know one heckuva lot of CCW toter - including yours truly - who hope to NEVER have to use our weapon. That is the standard feeling for all CCW holders. Anyone with a CCW who thinks otherwise shouldn't be holding a CCW permit!

Joe said...

Unknown: The jury system is not perfect. But it is better than any other system ever conceived by man.

If liberals don't like it, there are plenty of countries that don't use it. They should move there and quit trying to cram their ideas down conservatives' throats.

Xavier Onassis said...

All of the "Unknown" posts were mine.

I claim and own them.

Login ID issues.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - "I know one heckuva lot of CCW toter - including yours truly - who hope to NEVER have to use our weapon."

Oh c'mon! There is part of you that secretly hopes that someday you will stumble upon one of those evil Mexicans that beat you silly when you were a boy and you will be able to draw your piece and gun him down. If you deny it, you're a liar.

Or, have your Christian values overtaken your deep humiliation and desire for revenge?

Are you ready to be Christ-like, turn the other cheek and invite those Mexican bullies to your dinner table? Introduce them to your wife and kids? Forgive them to their face and break bread with them?

Lone Ranger said...

A lib fanatic once again reading the minds of conservatives. Just like when NBC launched a "sting" to find anti-Muslim bigots at a NASCAR race.

They never seem to tire of looking foolish.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


You are a fool.