Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Just a week before the New Year, Obama enjoyed his highest approval ratings of 2012. According to Gallup, 58% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing. Survey results released today (Saturday, January 19) by Gallup, though, show Obama's approval rating has plummeted to just 49%.

So, what does it mean?

President BO (the amateur president) began to lose ground after his gun control proposals, which were a bunch of "Who shot John" to begin with.

One of the things his drop, even considering his second inauguration, means is that the public is not with him on the gun control issue...not his version of it anyway.

Gun control is not the only issue that has disenchanted some people, but it is representative of what has gone wrong (or right, depending on your point of view) in his tenure.

What it really shows is that PBC (tap) does not care one whit what the people want. They have made themselves clear and he's not listening.

He does not have to get reelected, so he can show his true colors. Some would say his color is pink.

The side of himself he is showing is the "I'm the boss here, and you'll do what I tell you. I don't need Congress or the Supreme Court or the people with me.

His attitude is, "Regardless of what the people want, they'll get them what I want them to get."

Wake up, America. Your president does not care what you  think, what you want or where you're going. He wants what he wants for you. And he's going to make you want it whether you want it or not.

Just a quick note. This post is not about gun control. It is about the public's reaction to Obama's attitude and policies in this new year.


Fredd said...

We as a nation deserve the president we pick.

And we picked this guy (twice), and now must deal with our choice, and his proclivity to deal with people on a 'my way or the highway' basis has been well established.

We'll see how the mid term elections go, and what kind of GOP leader emerges to lead us from the wilderness.

Craig said...

Joe, I checked your Gallup link, for the week ending 1/20 Obama was at 50%. The daily tracking has him at 51%, with a bullet (no pun). Your assertion that his "plummeting" poll numbers have something to do with his gun proposals don't square with other Gallup polling. 58% favor stricter laws on the sale of firearms.

To sum up, your approval numbers are wrong. The conclusion you draw from bad numbers isn't supported by any evidence. In fact, the evidence suggests the opposite. The will of the majority is with the Pres.

How many times have you written that we are a representative republic? Now you're saying Obama should govern by poll. Directed by the majority, the mob. Just to be clear, no restriction on the type of weapon, magazine capacity or background checks can be enacted without Congress. His Executive Orders are to execute laws that already exist.

One final note. Gallup's last poll for the 2012 election had Romney-49%, Obama-48% among likely voters. Solid polling. Real Clear Politics has an average of 9 polls that has Obama with a 52.2% approval.

Joe said...

Fredd: I agree. I have always supported term limits. My great fear is that they will be removed from the office of president.

Craig: As my post indicated, the date of the poll was January 19. There was bound to be a boost around the inauguration.

I have NEVER even hinted that Obama should govern by poll. I have said he should govern as president, not emperor, with Congress, not by executive order and as a co-equal with both the Congress and the Supreme Court.

That is what I have said and that is what I believe.

Twist all you want, you can't change that.

"Gallup's last poll for the 2012 election had Romney-49%, Obama-48% among likely voters."

Totally meaningless data at this point.

Craig said...

Totally meaningless data at this point.

Totally meaningless data at the point it was published, too. I guess we can agree, Gallup's polling is meaningless.

Joe said...

Craig: Twisting,spinning, turning, convoluting.

I guess it's just what liberals do.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Now that Barack Obama is in his second term he can do what he pleases - not having to worry about getting reelected.

I go back to my idea of one six year term - no reelection. If that were carried out then you would only have two more years to gripe about him and his policies. Then you could get your guy in.

Joe said...

sh: I support term limits, and I support a one term/4-6 year presidency.

It is time to provide future presidents with incentive to take the job for "presiding" purposes only and not for dictatorial or law-making purposes.

I predict there will be some urgency that will result in Obama being given an exception and having him serve a third term...and more.

For the good of the people, of course.