Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, well, well.

Much has happened since last I wrote.

To set a good fiscal example for the nation, President BO (the amateur president) has lifted the Pay freeze on federal employees and “given” them raises.

Of course he did this by the method he prefers most, executive order, thus bypassing Congress and simply dictating the raise.

Vice President Biden (the incoherent one) will now be paid $231,900 next year to bumble and stumble his way to convincing you he knows where his posterior is.

Members of The House of Representatives and the Senate will receive an additional $900.00 per year, not a lot, percentage wise, but still questionable in this time of recession.

The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, will now get $224,600.00. The majority and minority leaders in both the House and the Senate will receive $194,400.00 per year.

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, will get $223,500.00 and his associates will be paid $213.900.00.

Other government workers will receive raises as well.

Now nobody begrudges our hard working, ethical, honest Representatives getting what they’re worth. It could be argued, however, that that figure is much closer to $0.00.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

OK, so there’s not much credit to be given to anyone.

We must remember, however, that these stalwart leaders have “avoided the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’” in a last minute “deal” in which all Americans who are not government employees lose.

They lose because the steps taken will not chip even a corner off the block that is the national debt, and will not affect the budget deficit, either. That’s mainly because we have no budget at this time, the Senate having failed to put one forth in 4 years.

But we can rest easy, knowing that we are being led by men of integrity. As Shakespeare put it, “Sure are they all, all honorable men.”

We might have slowed the rate of debt growth and budget deficit by some infinitesimal amount, but our children and grandchildren’s pockets are still being robbed.

What we have done for the children of America, today’s and the future’s, is unpardonable.

And it will destroy the liberty and freedom to which they are entitled.

So much for federal leadership.

Happy New Year.

ADDENDUM: There is a report that the wage increase for federal workers has been put on hold. While that's a good thing, it remains to be seen whether or not the hold will hold.


Because I Say So said...

And right after the vote, Obama boarded the plane winked at the camera as if he just screwed the public and flew back to Hawaii... Right after he walked on water.

Oh, by the way, Where are the spending cuts?
All I have left to hope for now is the demise of Boehner. Boehner must go, anyone that gets outsmarted by the likes of Joe Biden is a dufus in my book..
God Bless America, and may God Help American's. I shudder to think about the next 4 years. Congratulations to all those liberals, Progressives, Democrats, you put another nail in Americas Coffin.

Xavier Onassis said...

So, basically, everything in this post was inaccurate.

Joe said...

BISS: No spending cuts. These honorable men forgot those.

XO: "...everything in this post was inaccurate."

That's what a person who cannot read above the fifth grade level might conclude. However, a person who can actually read might have understood that the secnd half of the post (from "OK, so there's not much credit..." on) was accurate.

The postponing of the federal pay raises happened AFTER the post was published, thus the ADDENDUM.

"...our children and grandchildren pockets are still being robbed."

Although iberal/progressive/leftist give lip service to caring about the future for our children, their actions show they really don't care at all.