Friday, June 8, 2012

Special Interests EXPOSED!!!

Please make your comments relevant to the video and avoid just calling him a "nut-job." If you're smart enough, that is.


Xavier Onassis said...

I want one of those government jobs!

Joe said...

XO: You would be a perfect fit.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Ah, the master of sophistry strikes.

Joe, this wicked great video doesn't state any supporting evidence, not even Glenn Beck.

Now, the last several jobs reports have been lousy primarily because government employment is declining so I wonder about the veracity of his claim. Of course the fringe right doesn't need any stinking verification.

Is he including the military?

The pay claim is suspect since a very large percentage of government jobs are teachers and even in Massachusetts where teachers are at the higher end of the scale, they aren't paid that much.

So it's just agitprop. I swear, if you came out with something that said the world was created a few thousand years ago in six 24 hour days the right wing would believe it.

Joe said...

Ducky: Why does he need "supporting evidence?" Is everything a college term paper with you?

These facts are all available on the Internet. Ever heard of Google?

You just don't want to expend the energy to look it up.

Not that you would believe it anyway.

Facts have never interrupted your mind set.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "Why does he need "supporting evidence?" Is everything a college term paper with you?"

Because without supporting evidence it's just a load of crap.

Every credible blogger and actual journalist includes links to supporting sources.

It is only these Right Wing idiots in love with the sound of their own voices who think that they can just say stuff and people will accept it as fact.

And they're right to believe that.

Because their fellow Right Wing zombies will believe ANYTHING.

Once they start believing in supernatural Sky Daddys who create the universe in 7 days, create a man from dirt and a woman from one of the man's ribs, taunt them with a talking snake, expel them from Paradise for daring to defy authority and acquire knowledge...

Right Wing Conservatives are raised to just believe what they are told with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

Actual facts and proof are viewed as the purview of the Leftist Intellectual Elite.

"Real Americans" should just be able to say whatever they want and have it accepted as unchallenged fact.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, Ann Barnhardt has some great factual stuff up on her site:


You're not imagining things. That's exactly what it is. People have been "bad tripping" on drugs for decades without turning into demonic animals and eating people's faces off of them alive. Just as satan is very, very real, so are demons. The demonic legions are reclaiming and reasserting power in the Americas and Europe because these physical landmasses have lost their consecration to Christ by their apostasy, blasphemy and child sacrifice. It is going to get worse. We are basically going to turn into what the musloid Middle East has been for 1400 years. Civilization is going to lose cohesion and people are going to start doing things that have absolutely no rational explanation: gratuitously gruesome murders and bodily desecration, and rape variants involving children, animals and corpses that normal people cannot comprehend.

The main gateways for demonic possession are drugs, pornography and homosexual/deviant sex. The cannibals have all been drug users. The Canadian cannibal was also a gay porn star. The British couple who raped their own infant children (on camera) are child and bestiality porn merchants. These incidents will increase in frequency exponentially as the collective apostasy of this culture has now reached the point that the "shedding of God's Grace" upon The Americas and Europe is now limited to individuals - and even then, God's grace for the remnant may be within the context of their persecution, imprisonment and martyrdom.

Wild stuff

Joe said...

XO: I drive a 1995 Saturn XL2 and a 2002 Honda Accord.

I offer no supporting evidence.

I do not intend to produce my registrtion slips, my insurance cards or my titles.

You can believe me or not. Your choice.

No supporting evidence. Period.

Ducky's here said...

Stunning,in the fringe right world facts in a debate about public policy are as unimportant as the type of car Joe drives.